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6665Re: Branches w/o Warranted Heralds

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  • Brunissende de Broc√©liande
    Mar 1, 2005
      I was looking and some of the Branches are from Canada. I'll try to write a French version
      of your text and send it up there.
      It probably can't hurt :)
      Otherwise I've forwarded it to a fencers list where I know there are people from some of
      the groups mentionned.

      --- In EKSouth@yahoogroups.com, scribe0002@a... wrote:
      > Greetings to the list from Gisela Mosaic Herald and apologies to those who
      > will recieve this more than once. I ask folks to pass this message on as it is
      > appropriate.
      > I still need to hear from the following 45 branches:
      > Baronies of: An Dubhaigeainn, Bergental, Beyond the Mountain, Concordia of
      > the Snows, Dragonship Haven, Stonemarche and the Bridge.
      > Cantons of: Aschehyrst, Boise Ardent, Bowman's Rest, Distant Shore, Dragon
      > Forge, Dragon's Aerie, Fennbrycg, Forestgate, Giant's Gate, Glean na Feorag
      > Dubh, Lions End, Ravenhill, Rives d'Estnordia, Sandmork, Sea Tyger's Rhyn,
      > Seashire, Terres Brulees, Keep by the Endless Sea, Trollhaven, Vieux Bourg,
      > Wolfsgate and Ynys Y Gwaed.
      > Shires of: Anglespur, Ar n-Eilean-ne, Barren Sands, Coill Tuar, Coldwood,
      > Les Sylves Constellees, L'ile du Dragon Dormant, Mountain Freehold, Panther
      > Vale, Quintavia, River Stone, Sylva Cerdonis, Northern Outpost and Wyndhame.
      > Off this list, please, to _mosaic@e..._
      > (mailto:mosaic@e...) , I need the following information from each group herald in order
      > that person to be officially warranted: SCA Name & Title, SCA Membership
      > Number and Expiration Date, Branch, Mundane Name, E-mail, Land Address, Phone
      > number is Optional.
      > Thank you for your time and help. Be well.
      > In service,
      > Gise
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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