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5153Southern Region War Camp Lost & Found

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  • Lewis Tanzos
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Here's the lost and found from EK War Camp, so nicely written up by my

      I am heading to Pennsic this weekend, I will be back home on Monday
      for the beginning of the week.

      If anybody wants to claim anything, please contact me via email or
      leave a message on the answering machine, and we'll see about getting
      it back to you.

      1 straw hat, various shades of tan
      1 feather fan, white feathers, black handle
      1 plain white ceramic mug
      1 camera, 'Jazz 506'
      1 pair blue gauze poofy-pants
      1 reporter's notebook
      1 green glass plate
      1 crossbow bolt, green and black fletches
      1 dagger, multicolored handle
      1 watch that beeps
      1 watch that doesn't
      1 pair sunglasses
      1 set archery finger-protectors
      1 really butch hairstick
      1 brown sleeping bag with pillow, no pillowcase

      - Istvan