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4588Fw: Barony of Carillion - The Marchfield - Cancellation Notice

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  • Bruce Sinclair
    Mar 2, 2003

      Don Quixote tilted at windmills, thinking them to be giants.
      I tilt at windmills, knowing them to be windmills, because someone should.


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      Subject: Barony of Carillion - The Marchfield - Cancellation Notice

      > My apologies to all who may receive this message in multiple copies -
      > My Lords and Ladies,
      > It is with deep regret that I must announce the cancellation of the Barony of
      > Carillion’s March 8 event, The Marchfield. It is the unanimous opinion of the
      > marshals in charge of the field that the site will be unsafe for martial
      > activities – it is presently snow-covered, and the weather forecast suggests
      > that it will not improve sufficiently with the few days that remain. We hope
      > reschedule an event in this format at some date in the future. I apologize for
      > the disruption this may cause but the safety of the participants is my prime
      > concern as autocrat. I thank you for your understanding and remain,
      > In service,
      > Duncan Mac na Ceardadh
      > Carillion, East