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3511Re: [EKSouth] Re: yahoo marketing spam

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  • wyvern@megahits.com
    Apr 1 6:26 AM
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      On 1 Apr 2002, at 6:16, Diane K. Hauer wrote:

      > As for the group issue I was personally wondering how
      > long it would take them to charge for such a service.

      FWIW, egroups had a "No Ads" option for ~$60/year per list. The
      option seems to have disappeared when Yahoo took over and all
      their lists are now, apparently, entirely ad subsidized.

      > I mean we have all been getting of rather easily
      > lately. OK make that pathetically easily. A business
      > can not stay in business if they give too much away
      > for free.

      Remember, Yahoo doesn't give the Groups lists away for free --
      they're platforms for selling targeted advertisement.

      (operating SCA lists since before Yahoo, eGroups, or ONElist...=)
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