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3510Re: [EKSouth] Re: yahoo marketing spam

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  • Diane K. Hauer
    Apr 1, 2002
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      Well nothing that is good stays free forever.

      Yahoo is making some changes(by April 24/26th)
      1. The email spam. is simple to fix.
      2. Mail forwarding. they are making this a pay to
      forward service. but the fee is pathetically low.
      19.99 /yr (IF you subscribe by april 24/26 i cant
      remember which date)

      As for the group issue I was personally wondering how
      long it would take them to charge for such a service.
      I mean we have all been getting of rather easily
      lately. OK make that pathetically easily. A business
      can not stay in business if they give too much away
      for free.
      However i have NO confermation (inwriting) that the
      groups WILL be going pay for use. I am looking/waiting
      for info on that. Im looking for charge info such
      A. is it a yearly fee for having the list up there?
      (very probable)
      B. charging each person $X.XX per month/year to use
      the groups.
      C. Creating a subscription service that includes A
      along with a few other things?
      D. are they going to charge at all...
      (who knows)


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