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3509Re: [EKSouth] Re: yahoo marketing spam

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  • wyvern@megahits.com
    Apr 1, 2002
      On 1 Apr 2002, at 5:52, Cyd wrote:

      > The entire yahoo/yahoogroups system is undergoing
      > a revamp, including in some instances (like plain
      > old yahoo mail) it's going to a "pay for play"
      > type system... And in some cases (I believe

      FWIW, "plain old yahoo mail" is still free and Yahoo has
      announced no intention of changing it. Certain forwarding and pick-
      up methods are becoming premium services. (I believe Yahoo is
      one of the last major "free email" providers to do this.)

      > Rumor has it that within the next few months,
      > they may start moving the groups over to a pay
      > system as well.

      IMHO, it's not a very well supported rumour. So far the Yahoo
      services that have changed were unfunded freebies -- it makes
      sense that Yahoo is making them pay-to-play. YahooGroups, on
      the other hand, provides substantial advertising revenue already.

      (If they *do* decide to charge for groups, I'll just more the dozen or
      so I manage back to my own servers where they originated in the
      first place. ;)

      But then, none of this is particularly relevant to EKSouth... =>

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