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3426Calligraphy& Illumination Classes in the Woodlands

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  • June Lathrop
    Feb 1, 2002
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      For any and all interested, the following classes will be held at our shire
      meetings on Thursday nights in Hawthorne, NJ at 730 pm. Email me privately
      for directions.

      Lady Juliana Stafford

      February 7: OOOOOOhhhhhh What a Pretty Picture or Scribal Arts 101 or So
      You Wanna Be A Scribe?? A discussion on materials and techniques used for
      calligraphy and illumination and on manuscript illumination through the
      ages. Class will be a show and tell session of different styles of
      calligraphy and illumination and their application in the SCA. A handout
      will be given out listing various supplies needed and sources for them.
      Note: you don't have to go out and buy everything at once. Start small and
      KISS. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

      February 14: This week's subject will be Illumination for the Artistically
      Inept or Even You Can Draw Those Spiffy Vine Borders. Those interested
      should get to the church at 7:00 and bring the following items:

      blank paper, a ruler, pencils and a white or kneaded eraser, a 9X12 pad of
      Bristol Board vellum or satin finish (about $6 at Staples, Treasure Island,
      Rag Shop or Pearl Paints.) Total cost for materials: less than $10.

      Feb 21: Illumination for the Artistically Inept Part Deux or Well, We Drew
      It, Now What? For those of you who came last week and learned to draw vine
      borders, this weeks class will be spent on making an actual scroll blank
      using the methods we learned last week on the Bristol board with gold
      gouache watercolor. Bring the following items: same stuff as last week plus:

      a size 000 watercolor brush, a black pigma tech pen size 005 or a -fine-
      line black marker (no sharpie markers, they'll bleed through the paper) (All
      items are available at the same sources as above.) Total cost: less than $5

      Feb 28: Moving On, French Bar and Vine Borders of the 15th Century Learn
      about the vine and bar borders made famous in the manuscripts of the French
      Court and what white work is. If you can pass Illumination for the
      Artistically Inept, you can do this too! Bring the same materials as for Feb

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