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2642Settmour Swamp News

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  • mlecin@superlink.net
    Apr 4 8:47 PM
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      I have been sending out monthly (or so) news e-mails to residents of
      Settmour Swamp, and others interested in news of the Barony. This
      news can now also be found on the Baronial website, at
      www.settmourswamp.org (although the webbed version may have a little
      more current news, since it's easier to update a page than to send
      annoyingly frequent e-mails).

      If you live in, or play with the Barony, I recommend that you keep up
      with the latest news, especially now that we have nominations for
      Baronial candidates and an election coming up. Contact the
      chronicler (Duchess Gabrielle, flyingbear@...) for a subscription
      to the Mudpuppy, or let me know if you wish to be added to the e-mail
      news list.

      Jessa d'Avondale