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2116Viking Exibit in DC

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  • cahankyle@aol.com
    May 1, 2000
      I took this off of the Deja Board

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      Subject: Viking exhibit in D.C.
      From: "Ken Koll aka Lord Valdis of Gotland" <lvaldis@...>
      Date: 2000/04/30
      Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

      I went to the Viking exhibit today to see the Viking exhibit on display at
      the Smithsonian. Very nicely laid out, with quite a few pieces of work.
      Some of the pieces were smaller than I had imagined from looking at them in
      a book and some were larger. The Norse artwork is just unbelievable, most
      of the pieces would challenge master jewelers of today, with modern tools
      and materials. Outside they had some Norwegians that were brought in by the
      Smithsonian doing some of there crafts. Had the privilege of meeting and
      talking with a master carver from Norway, who works for a museum doing
      replicas for a living...what a life. A lady was there doing some card
      weaving and knitting a pair of socks among half a dozen other projects
      laying around her. A gentle was making small blades and some arrowheads
      also. A few more strolling Norwegians and of course the Longship Company of
      that area was there with there small Viking craft and members doing there
      crafts. The Viking gift shop is a must, found some books in there that I
      have never seen anywhere else. Wish I could afford one of each book, that
      monetary thing gets in the way. Anyway, anyone out there that lives on the
      East coast in close proximity to DC, should make an effort and see the
      exhibit. The webpage that I posted earlier is of great interest also, met
      the lady that put that together also...did the techie talk thing. There
      will be some local artisans there every weekend through August, when the
      exhibit begins its travel through the United States. A must see....two
      thumbs up....9 out of 10...if they let me touch them, then I would give them
      a 10!

      Side note...Took some of my artwork down there...felt pretty good about
      it....until I met the master carver....hmmmm. He did put them out on his
      table for awhile as I walked around and he did compliment me on them as well
      as some of the other Norwegians. He also invited me to where he works...I
      think he was trying to rub it in...but, if I ever make it over there I would
      love to spend 5 or 6 years learning from him. Anyway, learned alot and
      realized there is still some more to learn, so I will take my leave and pick
      up my chisels to begin hacking away crudely at my wood.

      Yours In Service,
      Lord Valdis of Gotland
      Man at Arms to Master Cahan Kyle of Clan Kyle
      Sergeant to Her Majesty of the East's Light Cavalry
      Navigator of the Northern waters with hands gifted in the arts
      A well rounded gentle (no fat jokes!!)