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2081Re: [EKSouth] re: on/out/offboard

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  • Jenne Heise
    Apr 3, 2000
      > > Perhaps we need to come up with a whole new way of
      > > describing fees in event
      > > announcments. Any suggestions?
      > I'd actually hate to have to figure a new way. I feel
      > that the current terms are suitable. We, as a whole,
      > need to enforce the proper definitions, specifically
      > the difference between off and out boards.

      Well, the terms are actually -very- confusing for new people. And
      obviously, sometimes for not-so-new people. They may be traditional, but
      unfortunately, it obviously doesn't mean they are easy to understand.

      If you know that 'board' means food, on- and off- board makes sense.
      Outboard sounds like a motor. (I personally hate the term 'outboard',
      also, just because it's ugly.) I dislike the idea that when there is no
      extra space in the feasthall, we would be selling on-board and out-board!

      It's also problematic when you are charging people extra money to be able
      to sit in the feast hall, to be using confusing terminology.

      Maybe we should, as a new person suggested several months ago on the EK
      list, just use English:
      Site fee (includes dayboard): $/person
      Feast fee: $/person
      For an additional fee of $/person table space in the feasthall will be
      available for those not eating the feast.

      Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, mka Jennifer Heise jenne@...
      disclaimer: i speak for no-one and no-one speaks for me.
      I suffer occasional delusions of competency.
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