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1719Crown Tourney Lost and Found

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  • CahanKyle@aol.com
    Nov 1 6:54 AM
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      Greetings from a very tired Autocrat of the East Kingdom Crown Tourney

      First of all I wish to thank all of you who attended the Tourney for making
      the very long journey to Montevale. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will
      come back to any future Montevale events.

      As with many large events, there were many things found while cleaning up the
      site. Some have already been claimed and others I know who the owners are,
      including a certain file box. Among what has not been claimed or I have
      received phone calls on are the following items:

      From the Ladies Changing Tent (my wife was very understanding)

      1 pair Navy blue stretch pants
      1 dark green knit pullover
      1 Pennsic XXV tee-shirt
      1 pair of socks, Pursuer
      1 knit pullover hat

      From the Feast Hall

      1 long stemmed plastic green goblet
      2 wood bowls (1 light colored, 1 dark colored)
      1 aluminum oval dish
      1 puter dinner plate
      1 pair lady's underpants, Hanes Her Way size 9, (don't ask, I don't know and
      don't want to)

      Again, thanks to all of you who attended and congrats to TRH Balfar & Luna.

      Lord Cahan Kyle