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  • Timothy & Gabrielle Taylor
    Jun 2, 1999
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      Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 4:04 PM
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      (This is being posted to the Middle, Ealdormere, Known World Laurels,
      and Middle Kingdom Laurels lists. I would appreciate it if it could
      also be forwarded to any other appropriate SCA mailing lists,
      particularly the other kingdom lists (which I can't post to, as I'm not
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      Announcing: Universitas

      For a long time now, it's been a wish of mine to set up an interkingdom
      group for SCA members who are doing or interested in pursuing advanced
      research. More and more SCA members are interested in or doing the kind
      of research which brings them into contact with the academic and
      professional world. This group will hopefully be a place where SCA
      researchers can meet each other, trade information, ask questions (How
      do I order microfilms? What do I need to do research at the V&A? What
      do I wear to an academic conference?) and learn about modern-world
      opportunities such as conferences, workshops, and journals. I hope
      this will also become a good resource for those just beginning to do
      advanced research and feeling a little bit lost-or wanting to know other
      people who share their obsessions!

      Where did I get this idea? I've just completed graduate school. Most
      of what I've just described are things that those in academia learn as a
      matter of course as part of their studies. But I'm also an SCA member,
      and have seen many talented researchers spin their wheels for months,
      even years because they simply didn't know who to ask or where to go.
      In addition, many advanced SCA researchers are unaware that the work
      they're doing might hold up well outside the SCA, or even be worthy of
      publication. Often, they 're not sure of how to present themselves to
      academia or the professional world. It's my belief that if we in the
      SCA who are interested in or doing advanced research know each other, we
      can begin to build the type of support network which academia and the
      professional world takes for granted.

      Right now, several things are planned: First, I am collecting names to
      be on the contact list for further information. Second, I am planning
      an online quarterly newsletter, which will debut in July, and I would
      welcome submissions, queries, and the like. Finally there will be a
      meeting at Pennsic (Sunday, August 15, 4 pm, site TBA), designed as a
      roundtable on
      doing advanced research. All with an interest in this topic are

      Possible future plans could include an electronic mailing list, a
      webpage of links to members' pages, even (at some point in the distant
      future) a peer-reviewed journal (that's "peer" with a small "P" :-)
      Everything depends on what folks are interested in and want to do.

      Please pass this along to whomever you think might be interested, and
      feel free to forward to any appropriate mailing lists. To get on the
      list for future mailings, e-mail me at the address below.

      Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton