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1312Steering Committee Minutes, 27 April 1999

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  • Timothy & Gabrielle Taylor
    May 1, 1999
      Steering Committee Minutes, 27 April 1999
      Minutes prepared by Duchess Gabrielle

      In Attendance: Mistress Rhianwen, Lord Mikael McKue, Master Sir Torin,
      Baroness Laurenne, Baron William, Duchess Gabrielle, Duke Sir Timothy

      Southern Region Games Event
      At the Southern Region Games Event next month in Montvale, we hope to
      have teams representing different groups in the region. In addition to
      the groups from that area, Blak Rose, Silver Rylle, Owl�s Reste, and
      Montvale (which will hopefully field teams), there will also be teams
      from Bhakail (recruited by Lady Sabine), Caer Adamant (recruited by
      Laurenne and William), Buckland Cross (recruited by Sir Torin) and House
      Arindale (recruited by Timothy and Gabrielle).
      The autocrat of the Feast of the Stag/Games Event, Erianna, spoke with
      Laurenne at the event last weekend. There are two big pavilions
      available for games in case of bad weather, in addition to space for
      indoor games. The following games are being planned:

      Team Bar Wrestling
      Viking Football
      Tug of War

      Southern Region Proposed Principality Meetings
      The fourth informational meeting will be held on Sunday morning of the
      Montvale event, May 16th. This will be the last of this type we are
      planning to hold at this time. Future meetings will be held for a
      specific purpose � for instance, the Heraldry committee reporting on
      what progress has been made on researching names and group heraldry.
      Mistress Rhianwen suggested that at an upcoming SR event, perhaps we
      could have artwork of the proposed heraldry on display. Also, we would
      like to have a Southern Region meeting at Pennsic.

      Future SR Events
      Lord Omar and the Canton of Marwick have offered to hold a Southern
      Region Althing in April of next year. Mistress Rhianwen will
      co-autocrat and is meeting with him 4/29 to discuss the event.
      Laurenne is finalizing a proposal to present to the school in Caer
      Adamant where we could hold a SR Arts Presentation for this fall, she is
      waiting on an insurance form from Milipitas. The school will consider
      the proposal in May. (Note: the site is just a few miles from where a
      SR Fighter practice was held a couple weeks back that was attended by
      over 100 fighters, as well as many non-fighters). The date for this
      event would be November 13th.
      Mistress Rhianwen will pursue with Master Adamantius the idea of holding
      another Laurel�s Tea sometime soon at an upcoming event. There is also
      the possibility of another Arts event, possibly on the order of a
      Laurel�s Prize Tourney (though with a different name), to be held the
      first weekend of October in Marwick. More information to follow after
      her meeting with Lord Omar, who is co-autocrating the event.
      Buckland Cross has an excellent site for a SR Champions Event, which
      would be available in the spring before the Boy Scout season starts.
      Possible dates for this event would be May 13th or May 20th (2000).

      Event Coordinator
      Laruenne is in the process of sending out letters to Seneschals and
      Chroniclers to discuss how to keep everyone abreast of dates being
      used/considered by groups for events.

      The next Steering Committee meeting will be held the Sunday after Barren
      Sands War, June 13th, in the Buckland Cross area (site info to come).