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10839Song for Pennsic Opening Ceremonies & More

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  • Martyn de Halliwell
    Jun 25, 2014
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      Unto the populace of the Empire of the East does the Emperor's Bard send greetings!

      As the Pennsic war draws upon us, we all prepare ourselves for the great battles about to commence. I would ask all of you to add something to your preparations this year.

      Their Imperial Majesties have requested we all sing Oriens Victoriousus (Here comes the East) as we march across the battlefield this year at Pennsic to meet the Midrealm.

      I will be making time available at Southern Region Melee Extravaganza this weekend, as well as at Great Northeastern War to help people learn the song.

      The author of this piece, Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge has kindly posted sheet music as well as an mp3 recording sung by herself and Baron Jean du Montagne.  Please visit the website and print yourself and friends some copies and sing along with the recording. Everyone is welcome to join in singing.

      There will be an East / Midrealm Bardic Expo on middle Saturday (Aug 2nd) at 7:30PM in the East's Pavilion on the Battlefield. More info in another message, but please mark a space on your calendar now.

      Finally, we are in search of drummers for the procession onto the field Monday morning of War Week. Interested drummers, please contact the Queen's Bard Mistress Aife - alord@...

      In service to the Crown,

      Lord Martyn de Halliwell, OSC, OTroub, MH
      Per pale argent and azure, a hedgehog statant between three crosses cletchy fitchy counterchanged.