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10805Artisans' Challenge Thank you

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  • Kandy Fling
    Mar 9, 2014
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      Artisans' Challenge: I want to thank so many people: I'd like to just name everyone who came, along with those who couldn't come but did issue challenges, but that would be too much, so let me at least say thank you to (and I apologize if I mangle names too much):

      John Marshall -- who not only headed up an excellent kitchen (with incredible help of Erikr) and Anjeke , but also supported in my desire to do this event;

      to those who issued the 18 incredible challenges. I have to go through the notes, but I think this year every challenge had at least one entrant.  Thank you also to the two people who evaluated for challengers who were unable to attend, Cellach  and the sister of the spinning challenger, whose name I'm ashamed to say I did not write down.

      To the people who answered the challenges with an amazing 32 projects. The variety challenge responses were beautiful.  I know a number of people were taking photos and I look forward to seeing those shared soon.

      To gate and registration staff: Master Michel, Lady Ceinwen and Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfussin

      To everyone who helped with clean up. Everyone pitched in at least a bit, which made break down go smoothly.
      To Lady Rose, our fantastic contact at the marvelous St. John's Lutheran.

      Also thank you to the local fire company, who were completely understanding of our smoke issue and showed us what to do should such happen again.

      If I've missed anyone it is because I remain about 3/4 stupefied by the beauty of the day.  Thank you.