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10800Noisemakers: Bardic Competition & Performance Challenges

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  • Wendy Gale
    Feb 28, 2014
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      Bonjour mes amis!

      I have two items of interest for those considering attending Noisemakers on April 12...

      Firstly, here are the rules for the competition to name the successor to our current Bardic Champion of Bhakail, Lady Lianor. Please contact her at <lianordematos@...> with any questions. The winner of the competition will be tasked with organizing entertainment for Bhakail Yule, as well as organizing the competition to find the Bhakail Bardic Champion the following year.
      ---- Bhakail Bardic Champions ----

      There are two important aspects to any performance:  the performance itself, and the person who inspired it. This year's competition seeks to challenge each performer on both of these aspects with the following requirements:

      1.  Choose a person who inspires you*, and seek to gain their favor. You must present a physical token proving that you have received favor from that person. This may be a traditional favor, a letter, or any other token.

      2.  Prepare a performance in honor of your chosen inspiration. This performance may be of any type, so long as it is of period style, or SCA compatible style. It does not have to be an original composition.

      Participants are encouraged to prepare two performance pieces with the same chosen inspiration as the subject. The panel reserves the right to request the second performance on the day of the competition.

      3.  Perform it for the judges at Noisemakers.

      *You may choose to perform in honor of someone who is no longer with us.  In this case, something you have from that person, or a story as to why that person was an inspiration to you, will be accepted in lieu of proof of favor.

      Secondly, I'm pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a series of challenges at the event, open to all gentles of any experience level, held between classes. These non-competitive performance opportunities are purely for entertainment and for the chance to try something new in a supportive environment. Each challenge may be interpreted as you see fit, with poem, story, song, theatrical interlude, dance, etc., as long as your piece can be performed in front of an audience. Take up one or all of the challenges at your pleasure!

      1. In honor of our theme for the day, offer a piece from, inspired by, or otherwise connected to classical Rome or the medieval/Renaissance world's interpretation thereof.

      2. Learn and present a piece appropriate for your persona's time and place. Explanations are appreciated, but not required.

      3. This is Noisemakers: Try something NOISY in a way you have not been loud before!

      Votre servante et celle de l'Orient,
             Sabine de Kerbriant