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10737Invitation to Shire Wars - October 19th

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  • la_cantor
    Oct 7, 2013

      The Western Shires of the East Kingdom issue a challenge unto the Known World!  Come and face our combined efforts in armored combat, youth combat, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, arts and sciences, heraldry, bardic, and gaming.  Points will be earned throughout the day and at the end we will see how the Western Shires do against the rest of the Known World.  

      One Point will be awarded for each of the following martial activities based on whether the winner is from one of the involved western shires or from the rest of the known world;
      1) Armored Combat Tournament
      2) Armored Combat Melee
      3) Youth Combat Tournament
      4) Fencing Tournament
      5) Adult Archery
      6) Youth Archery
      7) Thrown Weapons

      One Point will be awarded for each of the following peaceful activities;
      1) Arts and Science display.  Winner based on total number of entries from the Western Shires vs the Known World entries

      2) Youth Art and Science display.  Winner based on total number of entries from the Western Shires vs Known World.

      3) Joint effort Arts and Science display.  Any project completed by two or more people.  Winner again determined on number of entries from Western Shires vs Known World entries.

      4) Maestra Isabel's Hat Challenge.  Document and make a piece of period headwear.  Maestra Isabel will pick the winner.

      5) Heraldic Clothing Competition.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/shirewars.org/index.html#

      6) Bardic Competition.  The theme of the competition is friendship.  Competitors earn points for their side in the following way: a) performing, b) original song to performer, c) period song, d) includes the theme.  Each performance can earn no less than one point and no more than 3 per performance.  Points will be tallied to see which side wins.

      7) Gaming Competition.  The games table will be open most of the day.  Each time a game is played, the winner gets a set number of glass blebs of a color signifying whether they are of the shires or the rest of the Knowne World.  To encourage people to try games with larger numbers of people, the winner of each game will receive a number of blebs equal to the number of players in that game, so larger games are worth more points.  The blebs are placed in a jar or other container as a method of counting them like points.  At the end of the competition, the side with the most glass blebs wins..

      There will be classes available during the day for those of a less competitive nature.  The Class Schedule is as follows:

      10:00 - 11:00 - basic leatherworking  and   Hats

      1:00 - 2:00 16th century embroidery

      2:00 - 3:00 Polish garb    and    Calligraphy & Illumination

      3:00 - 4:00 dance    and     herbs

      4:00 - 5:00 Ladies Orlaithe and Sarra - fibers preparation

      Other activities may be added to this list!

      Site Opens: 9:00 AM
      Site Closes: 10:00 PM

      Camp Bashore
      160 Moonshine Rood
      Jonestown, PA  17038

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