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10721Upcoming Event - A Day in Florence

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  • William Bornander
    Sep 25, 2013
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      Greetings from Wilhelm and from Northpass...

      I know that many will be traveling to Coronation on October 5th but for those who are not I wish to ask that you take note and consider attending A Day in Florence

      This will be a small focused event that will attempt to relive the joy of a mid 15th century Florentine dinner party. There will be music, food, and dance to help us pass the day as we debate the whys of life and society. We will be attempting to share the feel, sounds, tastes and experiences of that gathering as if it were then.

      If you expect to be joining us, I do not ask for advance payment but do ask for a reply to this mailing so we can plan numbers.

      There is a description of the food we will be serving here. For those with allergy or other food questions that are not answered there please contact me and I`ll get a response from Lord Friderich (who is preparing the food.)

      Please feel free to repost.

      If you find that the embedded links may not work please cut /paste http://northpass.eastkingdom.org/Florence/Florence.html into your browser and navigate by the links on the left of the site.