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10717Call for Teachers: East Kingdom University Service University!

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  • Victoria Appleman
    Sep 6, 2013
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      Please pass this email along to any and all interested lists. 

      The East Kingdom University is proud to be sponsoring a service university on November 23rd in the Barony of Stonemarche!

      This event will be dedicated to presenting classes about the things that make our society and kingdom function. Potential topics include classes on essential jobs at all levels of the SCA, from local group officers and event staff, to kingdom offices and beyond. Classes on leadership, mentoring, and teaching in the SCA are also welcome topics. If it is an activity that can be seen as providing a Service to the kingdom or those around you, we are interested in hosting a class, panel, or roundtable discussion about the topic.  (The website for this event is
      http://ekserviceuniversity.wordpress.com/ and you can find it on Facebook under "EKU Service University")

      We are currently seeking teachers and class suggestions for this university!  Are you an officer at any level who could teach the ins and outs of your office?  Do you love to run events, gate, the kitchen, water bearing, dancing, fight practices, fencing tournaments, or any of the other great activities that make our Society wonderful, and would like to show others how to do so as well?  Please contact me with the topics you'd like to teach. 

      Also, if you have a class or roundtable that you'd like to see at the university, but are unable to teach it yourself, please let me know and we will try to coordinate it. 

      Chancellor of the East Kingdom University
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