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10694Re: Are you interested in retaining at Pennsic?

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  • Victoria Appleman
    Jul 19 12:09 PM

      As of this afternoon, I believe I have individually contacted everyone who expressed interest in retaining in order to schedule and confirm shifts during War.  If you expressed interest and have not heard from me sometime over the past few days to confirm shifts, please double check your inbox and then send me a message.  I have not intentionally left anyone off of the schedule, and so my apologies if I have missed anyone.  

      If you are still interested in retaining, there ARE shifts available.  Until next Friday, please either email me or stop by EK Royal to sign up for a shift.  Starting next Friday, I will not be checking email as often, but you can still stop by EK Royal at anytime to sign up for a shift.  


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      Sent: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 10:47 AM
      Subject: Are you interested in retaining at Pennsic?

      Please forward to any interested lists or individuals:


      War is approaching quickly and I am seeking anyone who is interested in retaining for Their Majesties during Pennsic! 

      In order to put together a preliminary schedule before the war, I am asking that anyone interested indicate their availability using an online sign up sheet here: http://vols.pt/uKPVyR

      Please keep a few things in mind as you are signing up:

      1.  You are not signing up for specific shifts-- I will be using this information to build a schedule and will contact you with your scheduled shift and more information.  This is only so that I can better organize when volunteers are available, and as such, there is no limit to how many people can sign up in each slot.  (The actual shifts will be approx 3 hours long in staggered blocks.)

      2.  Please put your email address and not your phone number where it asks for phone number.  I will be sending out all information (including the retaining schedule) by email before Pennsic starts.  (If you do not hear from me by July 20th, please email me directly and let me know)

      3.  If you have any special concerns (or would like to ensure you are scheduled along side someone else specific) please feel free to put that information in the comments section.

      4.  If you prefer, you can email me directly to talk about availability or to schedule a shift-- please put Pennsic Retaining in the subject field.

      5. I am looking for anyone who is interested, and this includes anyone who
      may be new to retaining or interested in trying it out for the first
      time-- if this will be your first time retaining, please just let me
      know and I will pair you with someone who can help guide you through it!

      If you have any questions, please contact me, and if you are unable to sign up before Pennsic begins, I will have a book with all available shifts at the hospitality tent in East Kingdom Royal, please stop by and sign up for when you are able.     

      Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all at War!

      (Head Lady in Waiting to Their Majesties)

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