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4Verion 1.2 of the EIDB Name Permutations is now available

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  • Edward Rosenbaum
    May 3, 2001
      I am pleased to announce that version 1.2.0 of the
      Ellis Island Name Permutation program is now available
      at http://members.bellatlantic.net/~elr228/eidb.htm.

      This newest version will allow you to see alternate
      spellings of your immigrants name by the American
      soundex code, and by the Daitch-Mokotoff soundex code.

      So now you can see...

      1. Alternate spellings based upon confusing letters
      like "i", which could have been entered into the
      database as an "l", a "j", or maybe even a "y".

      2. Alternate spellings based upon the American soundex

      3. Alternate spellings based upon the Daitch-Mokotoff
      soundex system.

      Full instructions for installing and upgrading your
      program are on the website.


      -Edward Rosenbaum

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