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24Improvement to the permutations

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  • oyfpro@concentric.net
    Jun 1, 2001
      Hi. This is a great program -- seems to be thorough and fast. From
      my own experience, though, I'd like to suggest another letter

      My grandfather's family name, Mayrent, is actually found in the EIDB
      under Magrant and Margrent, both of which I've actually encountered as
      names on junk mail myself! Yet neither of these permutations comes up
      in the program.

      In the first instance, a "g" for "y" substitution makes sense across
      the board. In the second case, with an extra "r" thrown in, I don't
      know how to think about it -- on the other hand, the EIDB alternate
      spellings program came up with it okay, so maybe you don't need to.

      Anyway, thanks for a great program.

      Sherry Mayrent