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6738Hugh Ferguson: Fallen Comrade of the IRSM

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  • Danielle Ni Dhighe
    Feb 19, 2013
      Fallen Comrade of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement

      Hugh Ferguson
      Branch Chairperson - Irish Republican Socialist Party
      Volunteer - Irish National Liberation Army
      Assassinated on 20 February 1975

      Hugh Ferguson, age 19, was the first person to be killed during the
      Official Irish Republican Army's attacks on the newly formed IRSM. He
      was shot to death at a building site in the Whiterock area of West
      Belfast where he was working.

      After the IRSM was founded by ex-members of the Official Republican
      Movement (Official Sinn Fein and the OIRA) in 1974, the OIRA
      attempted to destroy the IRSM before it could get off the ground. By
      the time a truce was called in 1975, three members of the IRSM were
      dead and forty had been injured.

      At the time of his death, Ferguson was the chair of the IRSP's
      Whiterock branch and a volunteer in the INLA. He had been a member of
      the ORM prior to joining the IRSM.

      A memorial to Ferguson and another comrade was unveiled in the
      Whiterock area of West Belfast on 23 February 2003.

      He died as he lived: as a Republican Socialist. Remember him with
      honour and pride.

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