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6735Neil McMonagle: Fallen Comrade of the IRSM

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  • Danielle Ni Dhighe
    Feb 1, 2013
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      Fallen Comrade of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement

      Neil McMonagle
      Volunteer - Irish National Liberation Army
      Killed in Action on 2 February 1983

      Born Eugene Cornelius McMonagle, he was a 24-year-old native of
      Coshquin, a small housing estate in Derry.

      He was unarmed when he was shot and killed by an undercover member of
      the British Army's Special Air Service acting on information from an
      informer in what was recognised as another in a long list of shoot-
      to-kill incidents.

      Two years earlier he had read the oration at the funeral of INLA
      hunger striker Patsy O'Hara.

      At McMonagle's funeral, the INLA provided a colour party and a guard of
      honour. A volley of shots were fired in a final salute.

      A memorial to McMonagle was unveiled in the Shantallow/Leafair Park
      area of Derry on 9 November 2003.

      He died as he lived: a Republican Socialist. Remember him with honour
      and pride.

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