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Re: Too many EmComm posts? Don't unsubscribe please.

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  • Robert Crifasi
    Al, I had decided to handle this offline but since you posted to the group, I ll answer you in kind. You are selling your club members short. You ll find
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2005
      I had decided to handle this "offline" but since you posted to the
      group, I'll answer you in kind. You are selling your club members
      short. You'll find many of them are forward thinking and willing to
      take on the challenge of pushing a few buttons. They are after all
      Hams and unafraid of technology aren't they? Unsubscribing is not
      the moderators choice, and is the members choice. There is no need
      to beg. There are alternatives to completely removing one's self
      from the group that have already been offered to you, and in
      addition could be done for you if needed. Your willingness to
      discuss this in the open is just what I had hoped to see on the
      forum. I had hoped however, to see discussion about Emergency
      Communications not the structure of the forum software. It seems
      counter productive to voluntarily join a discussion group only to
      complain about the nature of it. There are alternatives which would
      satisfy your needs. Please try them before you go. Either way it's
      your choice.

      Having said that... Is there anyone in Essex County (or elsewhere)
      with issues about Emergency Communications in (or relevant to) Essex

      --- In EC_EmComm@yahoogroups.com, tankermobile@a... wrote:
      > Bob-
      > I just saw your last email to the group.
      > You asked if I ever joined forums. Well, the answer is yes. And
      do you know
      > what messages I have seen more than any other? Members asking how
      to "opt
      > out" and begging the moderator to remove them from the group.
      Don't count on
      > too many guys from our club having even moderate computer skills
      > accessibility. Better to keep their activity "passive" by their
      having access to
      > important messages right there in their inbox, than expecting them
      to do anything
      > "active"
      > I would think guys would want to know more than just activation or
      > activities. I would. I hope there is some middle ground here-
      but I seem to
      > be losing confidence...
      > Best regards,
      > Al
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