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  • kc2sou
    Hello All EC Ecomm s I found this alert in my mail thought it would be good for us here,, _________________________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2011
      Hello All EC Ecomm's

      I found this alert in my mail thought it would be good for us here,,

      Please begin your initial Situational Awareness on Hurricane IRENE. NWS forecasts are indicating that there is a potential for a direct impact from this system on the NNJ Section perhaps as early as late Sunday (8/28) or Monday (8/29)

      The official National Hurricane Center Tracking Forecast is available here:

      If the official forecasts continue to indicate IRENE will impact the NNJ Section, we will begin in the next 24 to 48 hours to increase the NNJ Alert Status Levels as noted here: http://www.hudson.arrl.org/nnj/ares/

      NNJ ARES Leadership has been monitoring this event since Sunday and is being kept directly informed by updates from the local NWS Forecast offices along with their other OEM and EmComm partners. We have also notified ARRL HQ and Leadership of our now state of Situational Awareness as per our SOB

      Thank you in advance for your attention to this developing situation.

      George Sabbi
      ARRL NNJ Section Emergency Coordinator
      Email: KC2GLG@...
      Website: www.hudson.arrl.org/nnj/ares
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