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A notice to: ALL Amateur Radio Operators

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  • Bob
    A notice to: EC EmComm Members and ALL Amateur Radio Operators Please read below and follow the directions. Read my comment in the previous message for an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2011

      A notice to: EC EmComm Members and ALL Amateur Radio Operators


      Please read below and follow the directions. Read my comment in the previous message for an explanation if you need it, but please do this.


      Bob Crifasi KC2RFC





      FYI....please note the info from ARRL HQ below...and PLEASE register yourself, and ask your Team members to do so as well...


      We've needed this for a long time...let's give it full support and get good data so we all can benefit! I will also be sending info on this out on our NNJ ARES Yahoo Group...so you may get questions from those signed up there...


      The Form (Bob and I filled ours out already) is at: http://www.arrl.org/ares-registration-form.


      George Sabbi


      Section Emergency Coordinator

      ARRL Northern New Jersey Section

      Email: KC2GLG@...

      Website: www.hudson.arrl.org/nnj/ares


      -----Original Message-----
      Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 3:03 PM
      Subject: ARES on-line registration form [FSD-98] has been updated.

      To:  ARRL Section Managers and ARRL Section Emergency Coordinators.


      The Amateur Radio Emergency Service ® (ARES ®) on-line registration form [FSD-98] has been updated.


      The reason for updating this form is to take better advantage of the on-line form and the capability of the records system that receives and stores this registration information.  With this ARRL will be able to develop better and more accurate statistics concerning ARES membership and its capabilities.  


      The information gathered on this form is intended for ARRL use only.


      The ARES registration information that is gathered in the online form will be used to produce reports that will be made available to Section leadership.  The system to produce these reports is currently in development.  When it is ready we will let you all know.


      Here is a summary of the differences between the former on-line ARES registration form and the new form. 


      -        There are separate "fields" for the person's first and last names.    


      -        There is now a separate drop-down box that asks the registrant to indicate his or her ARRL Section and license class


      -        The forms now asks, "What types of emergency power do you have at your home station?" and provides a check-off box for each choice.  


      -        In addition, the ARES registration form now asks each applicant to check-off the specific kinds of training the registrant has taken.  The form has a check-off box for ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications courses, Federal Emergency Management Agency courses, National Weather Service (SKYWARN) courses, and the American Red Cross courses that the registrant has completed.


      We here at HQ hope the information gathered from this ARES registration form will be helpful.  It will serve as a supplementary way to sign up ARES members in your sec tion.


      The records system that receives and holds this registration information could also serve to build a record of ARES registrants around the country. In this regard, we would be able to gain better and more accurate statistics on the ARES membership.


      Therefore it is critical that all ARES members complete the form so that they are properly recorded as an ARES volunteer. We realize that some Sections may have their own online ARES sign up page or may be using the paper forms it is still important to sign up on this form as well.  If you signed up prior to the new website being implemented you will need to sign up again as this information was not transferred over to the new system.  This is also a great opportunity to update your information.  The new form may be found at http://www.arrl.org/ares-registration-form.


      Thank you very much for efforts and interest. 


      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio™
      225 Main Street
      Newington , CT 06111
      Telephone: 860 594 0222
      web:   www.arrl.org/


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