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  • sarwil@juno.com
    Slight correction. We have been in contact directly to Haiti from our Disaster Operations Center in Fairfield. There are some communications, though limited.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2010
      Essex County EmComm
      Slight correction. We have been in contact directly to Haiti from our Disaster Operations Center in Fairfield. There are some communications, though limited. This continues as long as batteries/fuel for generators are/is available. Please note this was over internet not radios.
      On 16 Jan 2010 10:35:41 -0000 EC_EmComm@yahoogroups.com writes:

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      Please Help Provide Radio Communications!

      Posted by: "Bob" CrifasiRF@...   kc2rfc

      Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:44 am (PST)

      We are all aware of the horrible devastation caused by the
      earthquake this past Tuesday and several aftershocks that have followed.
      Both landline and cell phone systems in Haiti are down due to this event
      and, thus far, no Amateur stations out of that country have been heard.
      It is my understanding that a contingent of Amateur Radio operators
      from the Dominican Republic will arrive in Haiti on Friday. I do not
      know if they will operate from one location or whether they will serve
      any shelters, government agencies or relief organizations. We should
      find out tomorrow.
      I am writing to ask that each operator receiving this e-mail
      volunteer, to the extent possible, to serve as a radio operator for the
      Haitian community. We will be setting up at least one operating
      location in Newark and, depending upon the number of responses we
      receive, other locations. Our goal is to both pass Health and Welfare
      traffic and, to the extent needed, serve any government agencies or
      non-government agencies in our area that need our communications
      services in connection with relief efforts. The intention is to operate
      on a 24-hour basis for at least one week, and assess to what extent our
      operation should continue beyond that point. Operators of all license
      classes are welcome and encouraged to participate, as there will be
      operations on VHF, UHF, EchoLink and CQ100, in addition to HF.
      I am in touch with community leaders and churches in the Haitian
      community so that we can readily inform them of our operations. Our
      objective is to commence operations on Saturday morning, January 16th.
      I am reaching out to secure operating locations. If you can serve as an
      operator, please respond to this e-mail with the following information:
      * Your name, call sign and FCC license class * Any radio
      equipment, accessories and antennas that you can provide * The
      days and hours that you are available to operate * Whether you
      have training or experience in passing traffic (If you do not, you are
      still encouraged to participate) . * Any NIMS/ICS or ARRL training
      that you have had
      * If you speak or understand French or French Creole fluently

      There is a total void in communications currently and we can
      provide an important public service by operating in an organized fashion
      at publicized locations. I hope that each person on this list will make
      whatever sacrifice necessary. Your efforts may save lives and will
      surely provide comfort to our neighbors.

      SUITE 900
      NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 07102


      Posted by: "Bob" CrifasiRF@...   kc2rfc

      Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:47 am (PST)

      noon on Friday, amateur radio communications into Haiti has not been a
      viable situation. This is due to a couple hard and of necessity coldly
      stated facts. The first, there were few amateur radio operators, and of
      those, few had active stations located in Haiti before the event, either
      as citizens of Haiti as well as those amateur radio operators who were
      there as portable operations (from the UN, NGO's ,etc) and of course,
      the other main reason, is the loss of local infrastructure needed to to
      run any of those previously active stations as well as the most sad to
      state item, that perhaps there has been a loss of the operators
      themselves as a result of the earthquake. It is possible that the
      current lack of active amateur radio operations may change, that is, it
      is possible that some level of operations might be established by some
      who might be able to re-locate into the affected areas, or into nearby
      areas and open communications links. In that possible situation, there
      may become a situation wherein Health and Welfare types of
      communications via amateur radio, may become more viable. I must be
      noted though, that this may not happen in the very short term, but may
      happen in the mid-term and if it does, operations such as are indicated
      below could then be of service and need. Therefore, please consider
      becoming a part of the advance preparations that are now underway and
      being setup and operated by the Newark Amateur Radio Society as noted
      below. Individuals, or groups, wishing to volunteer their services
      should make direct contact with Leon Gauer - N0TAZ, President of the
      Newark Amateur Radio Society (n0taz@newarkamateur radio.com
      <mailto:n0taz@newarkamateur radio.com> ). Thanks goes out to all of
      you in advance for your attention to this matter. Lastly, the
      International Red Cross remains a key contact point for all family and
      friends looking for information on the situation as well as people as
      noted below: Anyone with webaccess, can use the link below to get or
      request specific Info, including being able to see the actual listings
      of people filed with the International Committee of the Red Cross and to
      add their own search information related to people in the affected
      region here:
      http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/WFL_HTI. NSF/DocIndex/ locate_eng? opendocu\

      <http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/WFL_HTI. NSF/DocIndex/ locate_eng? opendoc\
      > and, the Salvation Army/SATERN online Form, for filing formal
      inquiries, is here: http://qso.com/ satern/emailfrm. htm
      <http://qso.com/ satern/emailfrm. htm> Lastly, overall information on
      the Haiti situation, from the International Committee of the Red Cross,
      is available here: http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/haiti
      <http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/haiti> and the latest information
      from the American Red Cross is available here:
      http://newsroom. redcross. org/ <http://newsroom. redcross. org/>
      George Sabbi KC2GLG Section Emergency Coordinator ARRL Northern New
      Jersey Section Email: KC2GLG@arrl. net <mailto:KC2GLG@arrl. net> Website:
      www.hudson.arrl. org/nnj/ares <http://www.hudson. arrl.org/ nnj/ares>
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