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  • Bob
    PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO YOUR LOCAL CONTACTS AND TEAMS!!!!!! As on noon on Friday, amateur radio communications into Haiti has not been a viable situation.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15 9:45 AM
      As on noon on Friday, amateur radio communications into Haiti has not been a viable situation. This is due to a couple hard and of necessity coldly stated facts. The first, there were few amateur radio operators, and of those, few had active stations located in Haiti before the event, either as citizens of Haiti as well as those amateur radio operators who were there as portable operations (from the UN, NGO's ,etc) and of course, the other main reason, is the loss of local infrastructure needed to to run any of those previously active stations as well as the most sad to state item, that perhaps there has been a loss of the operators themselves as a result of the earthquake.
      It is possible that the current lack of active amateur radio operations may change, that is, it is possible that some level of operations might be established by some who might be able to re-locate into the affected areas, or into nearby areas and open communications links.
      In that possible situation, there may become a situation wherein Health and Welfare types of communications via amateur radio, may become more viable. I must be noted though, that this may not happen in the very short term, but may happen in the mid-term and if it does, operations such as are indicated below could then be of service and need.
      Therefore, please consider becoming a part of the advance preparations that are now underway and being setup and operated by the Newark Amateur Radio Society as noted below.
      Individuals, or groups, wishing to volunteer their services should make direct contact with Leon Gauer - N0TAZ, President of the Newark Amateur Radio Society (n0taz@... ).
      Thanks goes out to all of you in advance for your attention to this matter.
      Lastly, the International Red Cross remains a key contact point for all family and friends looking for information on the situation as well as people as noted below:
      Anyone with webaccess, can use the link below to get or request specific Info, including being able to see the actual listings of people filed with the International Committee of the Red Cross and to add their own search information related to people in the affected region here: http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/WFL_HTI. NSF/DocIndex/ locate_eng? opendocument
      and, the Salvation Army/SATERN online Form, for filing formal inquiries, is here: http://qso.com/ satern/emailfrm. htm
      Lastly, overall information on the Haiti situation, from the International Committee of the Red Cross, is available here: http://www.familyli nks.icrc. org/haiti  and the latest information from the American Red Cross is available here:  http://newsroom. redcross. org/
      George Sabbi
      Section Emergency Coordinator
      ARRL Northern New Jersey Section
      Email: KC2GLG@...
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