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Please Help Provide Radio Communications!

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  • Bob
    Greetings, We are all aware of the horrible devastation caused by the earthquake this past Tuesday and several aftershocks that have followed. Both landline
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2010

           We are all aware of the horrible devastation caused by the earthquake this past Tuesday and several aftershocks that have followed.  Both landline and cell phone systems in Haiti are down due to this event and, thus far, no Amateur stations out of that country have been heard. 

           It is my understanding that a contingent of Amateur Radio operators from the Dominican Republic will arrive in Haiti on Friday.  I do not know if they will operate from one location or whether they will serve any shelters, government agencies or relief organizations.  We should find out tomorrow. 

           I am writing to ask that each operator receiving this e-mail volunteer, to the extent possible, to serve as a radio operator for the Haitian community.  We will be setting up at least one operating location in Newark and, depending upon the number of responses we receive, other locations.  Our goal is to both pass Health and Welfare traffic and, to the extent needed, serve any government agencies or non-government agencies in our area that need our communications services in connection with relief efforts.  The intention is to operate on a 24-hour basis for at least one week, and assess to what extent our operation should continue beyond that point. Operators of all license classes are welcome and encouraged to participate, as there will be operations on VHF, UHF, EchoLink and CQ100, in addition to HF. 

           I am in touch with community leaders and churches in the Haitian community so that we can readily inform them of our operations.  Our objective is to commence operations on Saturday morning, January 16th.  I am reaching out to secure operating locations.  If you can serve as an operator, please respond to this e-mail with the following information:

           *  Your name, call sign and FCC license class
           *  Any radio equipment, accessories and antennas that you can provide
           *  The days and hours that you are available to operate
           *  Whether you have training or experience in passing traffic (If you do not, you are still encouraged to participate).
           *  Any NIMS/ICS or ARRL training that you have had
           *  If you speak or understand French or French Creole fluently

           There is a total void in communications currently and we can provide an important public service by operating in an organized fashion at publicized locations.  I hope that each person on this list will make whatever sacrifice necessary.  Your efforts may save lives and will surely provide comfort to our neighbors. 

      SUITE 900
      NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 07102

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