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Simulated Emergency Test 2009

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  • kc2rfc
    EC EmComm Members: I am repeating the announcements below. Our planned darw is OCT 3rd. Without your participation there can be NO SET. Please read the two
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 2009

      EC EmComm Members:

       I am repeating the announcements below.

       Our planned darw is OCT 3rd.

       Without your participation there can be NO SET.


      Please read the two communications below. (They are abstracted for brevity.) If you would like too be involved please contact your Municipal EC or Unit EC if you have one designated in your area. If not or if you are not sure who that might be contact me (KC2RFC CrifasiRF@... 201 259-8446). Regardless of designated EC your participation is very welcome. We will sort out scenarios, who to contact etc. prior to the event. Do not hesitate to contact one of us if you are interested.  

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      From: George Sabbi [mailto: KC2GLG@... ]
      Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 12:18 PM
      Subject: All NNJ ARES Leaders - Information From ARRL HQ on the 2009 SET exercise FW: 2009 Simulated Emergency Test

      To: ARRL NNJ ARES Leadership

      re: SET - Simulated Emergency Test 2009

      Please mark down and start to circulate this information to your local Teams and Served Agencies: The 2009 ARRL SET (Simulated Emergency Test 2009) will take place on October 3-4 2009

      (Note, as per the ARRL: "The SET weekend gives communicators the opportunity to focus on the emergency-communications capability within your community while interacting with NTS nets. Although the main SET weekend this year is October 3-4, local and section-wide exercises may be held throughout the fall season."

      Like last year, I would like to again suggest and encourage that you and your local teams give full consideration to conducting a SET within your local jurisdiction or with neighboring jurisdictions. …

      Having a local exercise, in addition to the wider-scope exercise, allows you to direct your team to practice activation with the things that are more likely to incur an amateur radio related EmComm event in your area.

      Stay Safe and Stay Alert, be it for severe weather or any other potential amateur radio EmComm needing situations and let me know if you have any questions, etc on the SET event or anything ARES related!

      George Sabbi


      Section Emergency Coordinator

      ARRL Northern New Jersey Section

      Email: KC2GLG@...

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      From: Ewald, Steve, WV1X [mailto:wv1x@...]
      Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 11:21 AM
      Subject: 2009 Simulated Emergency Test

      Hello, Section Managers and Section Emergency Coordinators.

      (This message is going to both the ARRL SM and ARRL SEC)

      The 2009 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test will be held once again this fall season.  October 3 and 4, 2009, is the main focal-point weekend for the SET.   As in past years, you and your fellow Section Leaders and Emergency Coordinators may conduct local and sec tion-wide exercises throughout the fall season.   The point, of course, is to have the most effective exercise whenever it is held.  …

      September QST will also have an article that announces the 2009 Simulated Emergency Test.   Best wishes on planning and conducting your 2009 SET!   Thank you.


      Steve Ewald, WV1X

      Supervisor, Field Organization Team

      ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio



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