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Re: [EC_EmComm] Re: “Swine Flu” (H1N1) in formation

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  • David Salt
    I agree. Just my two cents here. Often when a dangerous situation arises like this, the government will provide innoculations to people who work in government
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2009
      I agree. Just my two cents here. Often when a dangerous situation arises like this, the government will provide innoculations to people who work in government response roles. This goes with things like Anthrax and Blubonic Plague. Maybe we can find someway of being on the inside if the government decides that certain agencies need to get this?
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      --- On Wed, 4/29/09, Ron B <ronster440@...> wrote:

      From: Ron B <ronster440@...>
      Subject: [EC_EmComm] Re: “Swine Flu” (H1N1) information
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      Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 8:59 PM


      Lets pray this is as far as it go's.
      but we will be ready as we can..
      ron b kc2sou

      In EC_EmComm@yahoogrou ps.com, "Robert Crifasi" <CrifasiRF@. ..> wrote:
      > Essex County EmComm Members,
      > I'm sure you are all very much aware of the "Swine
      > Flu" (H1N1) information being distributed. Like you I am receiving a
      > great deal of redundant public information. The shear volume of it can
      > tend to make us worry. This is a significant and serious situation.
      > There is also information being distributed via the governmental and
      > professional channels. What I am seeing there gives me encouragement
      > that our leaders are on top of this one. It is not under control yet and
      > may get worse before it gets better. However there are no efforts to
      > minimize the appearance of situation. Preparations to deal with the
      > evolving problem responsibly are in motion. Concurrently every effort is
      > being made to understand it fully and bring it under control quickly if
      > possible.
      > What does this all mean for Essex County EmComm? Best case
      > scenario leads me to believe we will not take part in it at all. The
      > situation indicates no immediate impact on the communications system.
      > Even if the situation does escalate the communications system should
      > still handle any increased load. I would see a need for EmComm support
      > if the POD system were put into effect to distribute medication. We
      > could be of some service to aid Law enforcement with traffic control
      > communications. While we are not nearly as organized as we could be, we
      > could do a responsible job as we stand. If any of you were involved with
      > TOPOFF 3 you will remember portions of that exercise were directed to
      > that issue specifically.
      > What is our best course of action at this moment for Essex
      > County EmComm? Let's keep moving the effort ahead to build this
      > organization. We need to put in place all the pieces for an effective
      > activation. We are not there yet. But if we keep working on it in
      > earnest we will get there. If we are called upon before we are totally
      > ready, we will do the best we can, with what we have at the moment. We
      > can never do more, we should never do less.
      > Stay responsibly informed and if possible try not to worry
      > needlessly. Follow the health information you are receiving to increase
      > your chances of staying well.
      > Bob KC2RFC

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