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RE: [EC_EmComm] 2009 Cherry Blossom Run

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  • Richard Denby
    Hi, Ray. I forwarded your message to the Roseland club membership and I will mention it at our meeting Wednesday. Maybe it won t snow as much as predicted!
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2009
      Hi, Ray.  I forwarded your message to the Roseland club membership and I will mention it at our meeting Wednesday.  Maybe it won't snow as much as predicted!
      73, Dick Denby, AB2SV
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      Subject: [EC_EmComm] 2009 Cherry Blossom Run

      I think it's rather ironic that I should announce the date of the 2009
      Cherry Blossom Run on the eve of potentially the biggest snowfall of the
      year ;)

      The 2009 Cherry Blossom Run will be held in Branch Brook Park,
      Newark/Belleville, NJ on Sunday, April 5th. Once again as we have done
      since the early 1990's, Essex County RACES with the help of the local
      clubs and ARES has been asked to provide supplimental communications
      along the 6.2 mile (10K) route. We will need to assemble in the park no
      later than 8:30 am and we are usually finished by 12 noon. Parking is
      available inside the park as long as we arrive before the county police
      lock it down.

      We will be using the W2QR 447.875 repeater as it provides excellent
      coverage over the entire park. We have a few extra 440 radios if you
      don't have one.

      In the past the group has enjoyed a get together for breakfast prior to
      the race. I am certainly open to that if there is enough interest.
      Last year we met in Bloomfield quite close to the park and it worked out
      well and the food was good.

      We need 7 -8 volunteers. Please let me know by email
      (k2dee@verizon. net) if you can join us and indicate if you would like to
      meet for breakfast.

      Ray, K2DEE

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