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New Jersey Skywarn Coordinators' Net

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  • Robert Crifasi
    From: Leon Grauer, N0TAZ Mercer County Skywarn Coordinator Greetings, The next New Jersey Skywarn Coordinators Net will be this Saturday, January 25th, at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2009

      From:   Leon Grauer, N0TAZ
          Mercer County Skywarn Coordinator





           The next New Jersey Skywarn Coordinators' Net will be this Saturday, January 25th, at 6:30 PM on the N2ROW linked repeater system.  Repeater and EchoLink information can be found here:  http://www.n2row.net/.  This Net is for New Jersey Skywarn Coordinators, Assistant Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators.  New Jersey ARES, RACES, SATERN, ARC and municipal Emergency Coordinators and Assistant Emergency Coordinators are welcome to check in.


           Those of you intending to check in to last week's Net noticed my absence.  I apologize for not being able to run the Net, as I was on the road and way out of range of the repeater system.  However, like all nets - particularly emergency and Skywarn nets - any Coordinator should act as Net Control when the scheduled NCS is not available.  In previous e-mails, I have asked for someone to serve each week as a back-up Net Control Station.  There have been no takers.  The success of this Net and the intended emergency use of the ROW system cannot depend on one person. 


           Many have voiced enthusiastic support for this idea.  Some have suggested different ideas about how and when the system should be activated.  I agree with some suggestions and disagree with others, however, none of that matters if we cannot even manage to have a meaningful net once a week.  Ultimately, the idea is for the system to be used not only for inter-county Skywarn communications, but also as a reporting mechanism and link between the Mt. Holly , NJ and Upton , NY NWS Forecast Offices.  Again, great aspirations that will be meaningless if we do not all commit ourselves to making this Net a success.


           Rich (N2ROW) has been kind enough to make this repeater system available for our use.  He, Bob (KC2RFC) and George (KC2GLG) have done a great deal to publicize and support the Net.  But, with Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators from eight (8) different counties receiving these announcements each week, we have had only 3 or 4 check-ins per week, including Net Control.  That's really dismal - particularly for the most enthusiastic and involved group of all:  Coordinators.


           I am only trying to encourage full particpation, not criticize anyone.  I believe that we all have the same goals in mind and, as we know all too well, good intentions and knowing how to push a PTT button just don't cut it when there is severe weather coming through and a genuine need exists to notify other counties or the NWS in seconds.  Some coordinators are writing me or calling me on the air and on the phone asking for the repeater frequencies closest to them.  This means that some are not taking the time to go to the N2ROW website, review the repeater information and program their radios.  I cannot assess which repeater works best for you.  It is better that each Coordinator review the repeater information and program one, two or three (or more) into their radios to see which is best for their location.  Maybe you want to keep more than one programmed in case one of them is not working properly or off the air for some reason.  The radios I use in Northern New Jersey have several of the repeaters on the system programmed in.  My radio at home has both the Bordentown and the Old Bridge, NJ repeaters programmed into it. 


           Enough said.  Please, let's make this week's Net a success by having full participation.  Currently, this list includes Coordinators from Burlington , Camden , Essex, Hudson , Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Somerset Counties .  Please feel free to share information about the Net with Coordinators from the remaining New Jersey counties - - especially Morris, Bergen and Passaic . 


           Finally, if anyone is willing to serve as the back-up Net Control Station, please advise me NO LATER THAN Thursday night so that I may e-mail the script to you.  I will not be able to do this on Saturday, as I will not be anywhere near a computer all day.  I thank you for your support and look forward to your checking in to the Net this Saturday evening at 6:30.




      Leon Grauer, N0TAZ
      Mercer County Skywarn Coordinator
      Phone: 973 333 4796
      Skywarn e-mail: mercer_skywarn@...
      All other e-mail: n0taz@...
      Skywarn Repeater: 147.105 MHz, PL 123.0 Hz, + offset
      N0TAZ's EchoLink Node: 8783

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