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RE: [EC_EmComm] URGENT - Equipment & Operators Needed

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  • Robert Crifasi
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      It’s up.


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      Check with WA2JSB the 440 machine was down for a while. Not sure if back up.




      In a message dated 10/28/2012 3:47:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, mdragon@... writes:


      Our primary will actually be the 440 machine for this event since it has backup power.  The info is:


      The 70 cm repeater's output frequency is 447.875 Mhz with an input of 442.875 Mhz. The PL is 156.7 Hz


      We don't have any bodies but we will be trying to get status updates from people where ever they are hunkering down.


      Good luck

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      I will be monitoring the morris county 895 OEM repeater as well as 415 For East Hanover RACES.


      Mark A. Curcio

      OEM Coordinator/RACES Officer

      East Hanover NJ


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      Please lend whatever support you can to Leon and the Newark area for this storm.



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      Date: Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 1:40 PM
      Subject: URGENT - Equipment & Operators Needed
      To: n0taz@...

      Good afternoon,


           As you all know, Hurricane Sandy will be upon us in a number of hours.  The City of Newark's Office of Emergency Management needs radio equipment and operators at a few locations to ensure that communications are lost.  Here's what we need:


      Operators at the Newark EOC and at a minimum of two shelters.  Operators should have UHF/VHF mobile or base radios; a power supply; coax; a portable antenna (a J-pole should suffice); and an HT with 2 meter and 70 cm capabilities.


      Equipment  -  We need the following additional equipment at the Newark EOC:


           *  A power supply capable of supporting two radios (a 50 watt UHF/VHF radio and an HF radio)

           *  A vertical HF antenna or a wire antenna capable of 80-= 10 meters

           *  70 feet of coax

           *  2 masts (4-6 feet in length)


           If you can lend the equipment, I will be responsible for it and pick it up/drop it off.  Please advise as soon as possible if you can serve as an operator and/or loan some equipment.  Please be sure to describe what you have to lend and provide a phone number at which you can be reached.  If you can assist, please let me know this afternoon, if possible.


           Thank you.





      There is no effort a man will not expend to avoid work.



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