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994Sit in Net Control

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  • kc2sou
    Feb 4, 2012
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      To all members,

      I would like to announce some good news for me in my personal life.
      Because of the recent change in the price of homes, I was able to purchase my first home. This, to me, is great news! With this good news,
      I must now get ready to move in. So I will not be able to be net control for at least a short time. Bob,KC2RFC, has agreed to be net control for period of time. I would ask all members if they could help and be net control until I can set up my station and get back on the air.

      There is no guarantee that I can hit the machine from my new location. I will now be located in lower Sussex County New Jersey. The good part is my elevation will be approximately 800 feet above sea level. I am hoping, if I put my beam on my roof vertically polarized, I will be able to hit the West Orange machine. Either way this will take some time.

      I would ask all Ecomm members if they could help or even be net control
      that would be a great help. Again I am hoping I can resume net control responsibilities within the next two months. It would be great if someone else could take this job so, Bob does not have to. If anybody, or even a few would like to take turns as net control, that would be a great help. I think this would also help us as an Ecomm group. Sooner or later we never know where we may find ourselves. You may needed ton be net control.

      If anybody could help, or several people could fill in that would be a great help. Please contact me Ron B.(KC2SOU) or Bob C.(KC2RFC)
      as soon as you can. I would like to thank you all for reading this. And I am hoping to hear from some of the group soon.

      Thanks again to all 73! Ron Boucher net control.