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94Hello again. It’s been a while I know.

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  • Robert Crifasi
    Aug 8, 2006
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      To all Essex County Emergency Communications members:


                  Hello again. It's been a while I know. The road has been a little bumpy for me this summer so far. Things are settling down for me a bit and I hope to get them back on track. The Red Cross Ham Radio team (name still to be announced), is alive and doing well. With Fred Schlesinger as president many things are beginning to get accomplished. This is a group that has been in existence approximately six months at best. He has a strong team and responsive staff to work with and keeps them on point. Nice job Fred and each of the team. I am aware of the progress because I have had the time and opportunity to be present at several of there meetings and Fred makes it a point to keep communications open between us via email as well. I would appreciate it if we could use this situation as an example and work on the contact between my self as DEC and the representatives in the Essex County clubs.

                   You may have also noticed Essex County SKYWARN was activated a few times for the thunder storms and flash flood situations that occurred over the last two months. Those of you interested in SKYWARN make yourselves known to our county SKYWARN coordinator Stan Rogacki and lend a hand during the next alert.

      Our membership is slowly growing and I hope to work on the meeting I mentioned a few weeks ago. I'd like to put it together by the end of the summer at the latest. Suggestions for a date, time and location are welcome. I would also like to work on a phone call up list. Most of us have cell phones, those that do not at least have land line phones where they can be contacted. Many of us do not monitor the radio (some rarely speak on it). This being the case we will need a reliable and confirmable method of contacting the entire team in time of emergency. We will need to know, who is available to respond to the emergency site, what equipment they have available, and what length of time they have available. There is still much work to be done to organize the information available on the forum. Any one wishing to help with the organization of any of this, please contact me. I will be contacting you all soon as this begins to come together. Some of you have applied for RACES and or ARES cards. If you have not received them please contact me via email. I don't mind being reminded.


      Bob Crifasi   KC2RFC