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779Our new Home at WOFAS is now tentative.

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  • Bob
    Dec 9, 2010

      Well Guys, 

                  It looks like the fickle finger of fate has turned in our direction once again. Our new home at WOFAS is in serious jeopardy. The town of West Orange has informed West Orange First Aid Squad that they (WOFAS) must clear out their equipment from the second floor of the Head Quarters building. It seems that WO Town intends to use or re-structure the space for an EOC. We are not sure at the moment what the full impact will be for WOFAS and in turn us. I found this information out today as I was trying to confirm our Quarterly Meeting schedule for 2011. At worst it may mean that we can kiss our new found home goodbye. At the very least meeting there for January is now tentative. I will set up an alternate meeting place for January, possibly NCFD Recreation Hall. I will keep you all up to date as I receive any new information.


      Bob Crifasi KC2RFC