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532Re: “Swine Flu” (H1N1) information

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  • Ron B
    Apr 29, 2009
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      Lets pray this is as far as it go's.
      but we will be ready as we can..
      ron b kc2sou

      In EC_EmComm@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Crifasi" <CrifasiRF@...> wrote:
      > Essex County EmComm Members,
      > I'm sure you are all very much aware of the "Swine
      > Flu" (H1N1) information being distributed. Like you I am receiving a
      > great deal of redundant public information. The shear volume of it can
      > tend to make us worry. This is a significant and serious situation.
      > There is also information being distributed via the governmental and
      > professional channels. What I am seeing there gives me encouragement
      > that our leaders are on top of this one. It is not under control yet and
      > may get worse before it gets better. However there are no efforts to
      > minimize the appearance of situation. Preparations to deal with the
      > evolving problem responsibly are in motion. Concurrently every effort is
      > being made to understand it fully and bring it under control quickly if
      > possible.
      > What does this all mean for Essex County EmComm? Best case
      > scenario leads me to believe we will not take part in it at all. The
      > situation indicates no immediate impact on the communications system.
      > Even if the situation does escalate the communications system should
      > still handle any increased load. I would see a need for EmComm support
      > if the POD system were put into effect to distribute medication. We
      > could be of some service to aid Law enforcement with traffic control
      > communications. While we are not nearly as organized as we could be, we
      > could do a responsible job as we stand. If any of you were involved with
      > TOPOFF 3 you will remember portions of that exercise were directed to
      > that issue specifically.
      > What is our best course of action at this moment for Essex
      > County EmComm? Let's keep moving the effort ahead to build this
      > organization. We need to put in place all the pieces for an effective
      > activation. We are not there yet. But if we keep working on it in
      > earnest we will get there. If we are called upon before we are totally
      > ready, we will do the best we can, with what we have at the moment. We
      > can never do more, we should never do less.
      > Stay responsibly informed and if possible try not to worry
      > needlessly. Follow the health information you are receiving to increase
      > your chances of staying well.
      > Bob KC2RFC
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