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493January ARES/RACES Net

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  • Robert Crifasi
    Jan 6, 2009

      Good evening one and all,

                  I'd just like to let you all know that tonight's net went very well. We had a total of 13 check-ins not counting the NCS.


       0 KC2RFC     Bob (NCS)

       1 N0TAZ        Leon

       2 N2LMU       Bill      

       3 KB2PKO    Jerry

       4 KC2QLE     Werner

       5 KC2RIG      Dave

       6 KC2KZJ      Wally

       7 K2DEE        Ray

       8 KC2SKK    Jim

       9 WV2ZOW   Mike

      10 K2GVC      Bill

      11 KC2OWQ  Mark

      12 KC2SOU   Ron

      13 W2IBM      Harold


      I'm proud to say we had representation from Red Cross and most of the area clubs (ARC2, IART, IRAC, NARC and WEARC). As well as our RACES Radio officer (Ray).


      I mentioned the fact that West Orange CERT will probably be joining us for some of the exercises we may have this year. I will also be working with other area EmComm groups to expand our access to training.


      Ron (KC2SOU) mentioned there will be SKYWARN training being offered in his area. He will get back with more info, and let us know if there is room for more. I am aware that Leon (N0TAZ) is working on offering SKYWARN training in his area. I was expecting him to fill us in but he had signal problems later in the net.


      As the Net officially closed Mike (WA2JSB) joined the conversation that followed. Mike was pleased to hear the turn out for the net. Let's keep it up guys. Great kick off for the year.


      Bob Crifasi   KC2RFC