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  • Robert Crifasi
    Nov 30, 2005
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      Welcome. It seems I've been saying that a lot lately. This is a brand
      new forum, and hopefully a new beginning for Emergency Communications
      in Essex County. Ideally this will become a place to work out the
      problems you see as stumbling blocks to a well functioning
      organization for EmComm. Many of the surrounding counties are in some
      stage of the same process. If you have ideas to help us along the way,
      let's hear them. If you are well versed in the Yahoo forum format and
      have ideas on how to make more use of what is here feel free to
      comment. There some organizational ideas that may be unfolding soon,
      and many real world activities that we will need to put together. All
      in due time. For now let's start talking, ironing out some details and
      exchanging information.