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NHB Responds To Shawn Stasiak's Imposter Claim

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  • Devin Cutting
    The No Holds Barred Radio Show has become aware of a situation in which Shawn Stasiak is claiming to not have spoken to us about a future return to the WWE and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
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      The No Holds Barred Radio Show has become aware of a situation in which
      Shawn Stasiak is claiming to not have spoken to us about a future return to
      the WWE and he has even gone on record conducting an interview with Chris
      Yandek from www.1wrestling.com to dispute this claim. NHB stands by it's
      story for the following reasons.

      First of all, the interview was set up by Chris Yandek who provided us with
      a direct phone and e-mail contact to Shawn. We spoke with Shawn initially 2
      weeks ago about this interview which was to take place on Sunday December
      29th and he agreed to do the spot. We then spoke with Shawn the day of the
      interview to go over the direction of the interview for that night. Shawn
      told us he was scheduled to return to the WWE and didn't want to say
      anything negative about the company which could hurt his return. He was
      assured this would be the case.

      Later that night Shawn pulled a no-show on us and we made several attempts
      to find out what led to the cancellation but were not granted a courtesy
      phone call or e-mail to explain his position. We then decided to proceed and
      inform the wrestling media of Shawn's comments regarding a return to the WWE
      and this has since led to Shawn denying this story.

      We then received an e-mail from Chris Yandek who asked us why we ran with
      this story as he felt it could damage Shawn's opportunity again with the WWE
      (see e-mail below).

      From: LYandek@...
      Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 21:55:22 EST
      Subject: Thoughts
      To: radiowrestling@... (Jason Barrett's personal e-mail
      account...e-mail forwards from jb@...)

      Dear Jason:

      I can understand your frustration for Shawn no showing your show last night,
      but did you honestly really have to go into detail that he was going back to
      WWE? I honestly think there is a right and wrong way to handle things, and
      honestly by just stating things come up is a better way to do business then
      go into it. I understand your protecting your show, and honestly you have
      more then enough credibility to have to explain why Shawn no showed as you
      have had on everyone from Hogan to Macho to Goldberg. He is on his way back
      to the company, and didn't want to take heat I suppose for doing an
      interview with your show which happens. I honestly think that you might have
      put him in a bad light, and no shows happen all the time, and things always
      don't go as planned. If you don't agree with my statements its cool, but I
      thought I would get my point across as a friend of Shawn, and was willing to
      help you get the interview in the first place.

      Take Care Chris

      The interview Shawn conducted with Chris Yandek is an attempt to protect his
      reputation with the WWE in order to keep the lines of communication open in
      the future. Some of you may question that simply because Stasiak has stated
      in the interview with Chris Yandek that he doesn't plan on returning to the
      WWE. Well, this isn't the first time Shawn has leaked a story about the
      company and while we don't claim to know what the WWE think about it, we do
      know that he received a lot of heat last time he appeared on our program
      simply because he had revealed to us that he signed with the company and
      would be at WrestleMania 17 along with 24 other "WCW" superstars.

      This is a cover up job for a few different reasons. First, Chris happens to
      be a close friend of Shawn's and is simply trying to help out a friend.
      While we respect Chris and his work, we don't feel this is the proper way to
      report a story. NHB not only has e-mail documentation to support our claim
      but we have phones which show conversations did indeed take place with
      Shawn. Additionally, during our conversation Shawn acknowledged our previous
      interview from 2001 and stated that he didn't want to talk about it on the
      air because it created a lot of problems for him with the company.

      If you're not sure what to believe we simply ask you to consider the
      following points. Why would Chris Yandek openly admit in his post that he
      arranged an interview for us with a man who professed to be Shawn Stasiak
      and then all of a sudden have an interview with Shawn later that same week?
      If he was trying to track Shawn down for a long time as he claims in his
      post, then it's pretty amazing that after all that time, he was able to find
      "the real Shawn" in just 6 days. Also, if an interview was arranged with an
      imposter and this person was trying to cause problems for Shawn, wouldn't
      that person have showed up for the interview and said things to hurt Shawn
      even more? Last but not least, this is not the first time Shawn has done an
      interview with Chris Yandek (see www.neweraofwrestling.com) and therefore it
      would seem pretty odd that Chris would have a contact for an imposter when
      he has been able to get a hold of Shawn whenever he needed him.

      In closing, NHB takes pride in reporting accurate news on the wrestling
      business and we enjoy talking with many of the superstars in the business
      about their line of work. While we do have a job to do and try to get to the
      bottom of a story, we also try to work with our guests to make sure the
      experience is an enjoyable one. Many superstars who have appeared on our
      program in the past would support this claim. We also are big supporters of
      Shawn and his career but feel this is a blatant attempt to hide the truth.
      Shawn can claim to have been set up by an imposter but there are way too
      many inconsistencies that figure into this equation that show this to be an
      attempt to protect his reputation by doing an interview with a close
      personal friend.

      If anyone has any questions, they can reach us at
      jb@... or animal@....

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