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Re: hya ya all..I am new

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  • nevadafiddler
    ... Herbalyyys, Wlecome to Elko, and belatedly, welcome to the ECHO group. A couple suggestions on class time for little kids: when mine were little, we
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2006
      --- In ECHO-NV@yahoogroups.com, "herbalyyys" <herbalyyys@y...> wrote:
      > Okie...I dont really homeschool(YET) but I want to add on a "class
      > time" sort of thing to enhance my childrens learning.My oldest is now
      > in Kindergarden,& any suggestions would be great! I am new to all this
      > but I love living in Elko, and raising my kids here(sure beats
      > Vegas).I look forward to meeting you and chatting to you all!

      Wlecome to Elko, and belatedly, welcome to the ECHO group.

      A couple suggestions on "class time" for little kids: when mine were
      little, we would put on a cd of circle songs and start out with some
      of those. Then we would hold up a little flag and say the pledge of
      allegiance (something my kids picked up at a preschool coop we were
      in). After that we might read a story or a book about nature, science,
      or something they had expressed interest in, talk about the alphabet
      (they LOVED my little chalk board) and do a small craft, or some such
      activity. We also used the Five-in-a-Row program, which we loved and
      was a great source for excellent literature. We would always have a
      snack and recess, because those were my favorite parts of school when
      I was a kid! We pretty much made a game out of "school" at that age,
      which I think has really helped my kids have a good attitude towards
      learning. Learning is fun, and it's sad that so many educators have
      lost sight of that. Your kindergartener doesn't have to know how to
      read, or write, or add, but if they learn to enjoy learning, the rest
      will come in it's own time. I have often told my girls that the best
      part of my day is when I see the lights come on. When they finally
      "get" whatever we've been working on, their faces light up! They are
      so proud of themselves! That to me is real education.
      Perhaps the most important suggestion I would give at this time is;
      Don't push it. These little guys are like sponges, but they are not
      always ready to learn academics at the age our school system says they
      are. There's a good book called, Better Late than Early, you might
      find interesting. Why struggle to teach a 5 or 6 yo to read when they
      can pick it up so easily a year or 2 later. Think of all the anxiety
      and low self esteem which can be avoided by not pushing. Set a good
      example, provide a rich environment, offer instruction, then know when
      to back off or try a different approach. The beauty of homeschooling
      is that we can be flexible.

      Let's keep in touch on some of the group activities you mentioned in
      your other message. I'd love some help organizing some hs classes.

      Take care,
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