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Re: [ECHO-NV] Welcome Dana, our newest member!

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  • Andy and Dana Dyer
    Thanks, Juliana.  :) We moved here in October from Washington state.   We ve been homeschooling for about 2.5 years now.  Our homeschool journey  began
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      Thanks, Juliana.  :)
      We moved here in October from Washington state.   We've been homeschooling for about 2.5 years now.  Our "homeschool journey" began after a rough year, due mostly to a then undiagnosed brain tumor (benign)  which caused hydrocephalus in my now 11 year-old daughter.  We pulled her out mid-year and the others joined a month later.  While I love homeschooling, I do find I do better and enjoy it more when I am in contact with others who homeschool. 
      You have awesome ideas for group activities, Juliana.  They sound like loads of fun.  I'd also be interested in some type of writing class.  I wonder if setting up some type of online groups would work?  My girls and I have talked about making a blog with different book reviews, it would be fun with more contributors.  I would be willing to teach/faciliate sign language and/or photography groups.  I'm an amateur with both really, self-taught but passionate about both of them.  With sign language I've been off and on for years...revisiting it when the need arises.  I'm just beginning with photography, but love it.  I have at least one daughter who would be interested in an art class. 
      I love, love the field trip and volunteer ideas.  My oldest would probably like chess and archery.  He has a bow and some arrows and would be willing to share.  Sports...well, we can always use exercise.  :)
      Okay, what else.  Oh, yes...my kids!  ;)  From oldest to youngest:  Daniel 14, Cherith 11, Megan 9, Elizabeth (Ellie) 8, Nathaniel 4, and Rachel 20months.  As for me, I'm older than they are.  :)
      I look forward to "meeting" everyone online and in real life!  :)

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      I just wanted to take a moment to welcome our newest member, Dana! So welcome! :)

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