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FW: [NV-Alert] NHN Legislative Alert - email version

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  • Renee Kreamer
    Please pass on email to your homeschool friends. Thanks. Renee Kreamer From: Kelley@Radow.net To: kelley@radow.net Subject: FW: [NV-Alert] NHN Legislative
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      Please pass on email to your homeschool friends. Thanks.

      Renee Kreamer

      From: Kelley@...
      To: kelley@...
      Subject: FW: [NV-Alert] NHN Legislative Alert - email version
      Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 16:12:08 -0800

      Important stuff to familiarize yourself with and pass along to other homeschool families.  United we are a voice in Nevada.


      From: NV-Alert@yahoogroups.com [mailto:NV-Alert@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Barbara Dragon
      Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 9:47 AM
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      Cc: NHN Officers
      Subject: [NV-Alert] NHN Legislative Alert - email version


      Monday, March 30, 2009


      Nevada Homeschool Network Legislative Alert


      Dear Homeschool Parents and Friends of Homeschooling,


      This has been a busy time for NHN Officers.  We have been tracking bills submitted to the 2009 Nevada Legislative session.  We are pleased to report that at this time none affect our Homeschool Freedom directly.  However, there are bills that may have affect upon some in the homeschooling community.


      We have listed the bills that we have reviewed in numerical order for easy reference.  We’ve also categorized the bills by importance/interest to homeschool families.


      After the bills section we explain different ways you can make your opinion known on one or all of these bills.  Thanks for staying engaged in the Legislative process.


      Assembly Bills                                                    Senate Bills_______ _________ _______ 

      AB11   Millennium Scholarship                        SB77  Mentoring/Public High Schools

      AB155 Multicultural Education                         SB81  Special Needs Scholarship

      AB158 Millennium Scholarship                        SB283 Domestic Partnership Act

      AB162 Autism Health Ins. Coverage               SB286 Early Intervention Services

      AB184 Gender Identity or Expression             SB292 Child’s “Best Interests”

      AB211 Local School Board Meetings             SB317 Financial Literacy/Education

      AB212 Millennium Scholarship                        SB326 Govern. of Public Education

      AB343 Pupils/Entertainmen t Industry              SB330 World-Class Education

      AB351 Millennium Scholarship/ Loans            SB378 Early Childhood Education

      AB487 Pupils/Middle or Jr. High Schools      SB381 Immunizations Fee Coverage

      AB489 Governance of Charter Schools         SB385 Govern. of Charter Schools

      AB505 Pupils in High Schools                                     

      ACR2  Interim Study on Public Schools                      


      Bills in order of importance/interest to homeschoolers:




      SB378 Requirements for Early Childhood Education (Comm. on Health & Educ.)

      Requires the State Board of Education to develop a plan for early childhood education; requirements for prekindergarten programs and other matters.

      Action Needed:  Make your opinion known

      NHN opposes this bill.  The compulsory attendance law covers 7-18 year olds.  The state should not develop early childhood education programs; this should remain a function of the private sector and parents.                                        


      SB286 Early Intervention Services (Cegasvke)

       Establishes early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities that are at risk for developmental delays, in accordance with federal regulations as funds are available. 

      NHN is neutral on this bill.


      Bills affecting Child Protection Laws:


      SB292 Uniform Representation of Children in Abuse, Neglect, & Custody Cases (Amodei) This bill requires and defines advocate or attorney appointed to represent “the best interests of the child” in alleged child abuse, neglect, or custody cases. 

      NHN opposes this bill and has requested Senator Amodei to withdraw the bill.  Sections 35, 48, & 49 will require a judge to appoint a “best interest advocate or attorney” to a child whose parent(s) are alleged to have abused or neglected the child.  With so many false accusations against legitimate homeschool parents this bill is greatly flawed.


      Bills affecting the Millennium Scholarship:


      AB351 Millennium Scholarships/ Loans (Christensen)

      Changes name from Millennium Scholarship to the Millennium Scholarship and Loan Program.  Establishes criteria for loans and repayment.  No interest loan if scholar remains in the state after graduation.  NHN supports this bill.


      AB212 Millennium Scholarships (Munford, Pierce)

      Restricts award of scholarship dollars to students who have been caught cheating 3 or more times while enrolled in public school.  NHN is neutral on this bill.


      AB11 Millennium Scholarships (Settlemeyer)

      This bill would require all applicants to submit a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA) to prove citizenship. 

      NHN opposes this bill as over-burdensome, proof of citizenship can be required without submitting a loan application to the federal government.


      AB158  Millennium Scholarships (Cobb)

      This bill requires application within 2 years of high school graduation, restricts award to those with incomes less than $100,000, amount of scholarship scaled based on income/need, changes minimum GPA of 3.0 to retain scholarship. 

      NHN opposes this bill based on the means and need testing since the scholarship is funded from the Tobacco Settlement, not tax-payer dollars and should be made equally available to all academically qualified students.


      Bills affecting State Governance of Education:


      SB326 Revises governing of Public Education (Cegasvke & Raggio)

      Eliminates State Board of Education; restructures Dept of Ed; creates NV Charter School Institute for sponsorship of all charters to this, not SBOE, districts, etc.

      Action Needed:  Make your opinion known

      NHN supports and favors this bill over SB385.


      SB385 Revises provisions governing Charter Schools (Comm. on Health & Educ.)

      Creates NV Charter School Institute to sponsor and govern charter schools instead of SBOE.  Does not repeal SBOE which continues oversight of public and private schools. 

      NHN supports this bill as far it goes, but favors SB326


      AB489 Revises provisions governing Charter Schools (Comm. on Education)

      Creates new Charter Body for sponsorship. Eliminates State Board of Education sponsored charters.  Creates the Nevada Charter School Institute would create regulatory control over charters, not Dept. of Ed., or SBOE. 

      NHN supports this bill.


      SB330 World Class Education NV (Horsford)

      Revises provisions relating to the Superintendent of Public Instruction; various changes to the Dept. of Education, the election/appointmen t of State Board of Education members, as well as changes to other counsels and commissions relating to public education.

      Action Needed:  Make your opinion known

      NHN opposes this bill due to the potential this bill has for controlling private schools and homeschools.  Specifically:

      The preamble  due to terminology that does not specify “public school pupils”,

      Section 6 changes the name of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  This title is established in the NV Constitution and therefore should not be changed.

      Section 8 regarding the election/appointmen t of SBOE members.

      Section 9, number 2 for vagueness.


      ACR2 Interim Study on the governance and oversight of public education.

      NHN is neutral on this bill.


      Bills affecting Public Education:


      AB211 Meetings of boards of trustees of school districts (Munford)

      Requires local school boards to carry out certain actions requested by the general public under certain circumstances. 

      NHN supports this bill.


      AB343 Pupils in Entertainment Industry (Manendo)

      This bill exempts students enrolled in public school who work in the entertainment industry from minimum number of attendance days if the course-work requirements have been completed.

       NHN supports this bill as “choice” in meeting educational requirements.


      AB505 Pupils in High School (Repeals three 392 exemptions) (Comm. on Education)

      Sets benchmarks for high school students for ease of transition into workplace; Instruction in fiscal responsibility; peer mentoring for transition from jr high to high school; time during school day to remedy deficient credits in time to graduate or advance; ability to report unlawful activity secretly. Sect 16 repels old NRS #s NRS 392.090, 392.100 and 392.110.  

      NHN opposes Section 16 of this bill as it limits individual options; takes no position on other portions of this bill.


      AB487 Pupils in Middle School/Jr. High School (Comm. on Educ.)

      Middle School students-Academic Plan for first year in middle school, separation of initially enrolled students from older students where practicable, peer & adult mentoring in middle school. 

      NHN opposes this bill as it usurps local control of education.


      SB317 Financial Literacy in Public High Schools (Copening, Parks, Woodhouse... )

      This bill requires that “financial literacy” be taught in public high school.

       NHN opposes this bill because it usurps local control of education.


      AB155 Multicultural Education Requirements

      This bill requires the State Board of Education to adopt a program of multicultural instruction and for the local school district to ensure the program is provided to students in grades 2-12.  The bill also requires that teachers submit proof of completion of a course in Multiculturalism. 

      NHN opposes this bill due to the fiscal implications of the bill on an already over-burdened system as well as on Constitutional grounds.


      SB77 Peer mentoring for Public High School Students (Comm. on Health & Educ)

      Authorizes local boards of trustees to establish “teen mentoring” programs in public high schools.  Bill passed the full Senate on 3/24/09. 

      NHN is neutral on this bill.


      Bills affecting special needs students:


      SB81 Special Needs Scholarship (Cegasvke)

      Establishes a special needs scholarship program for certain pupils with disabilities to apply for public funds to attend eligible private schools. 

      NHN supports this bill.


      Bills affecting the General Public:


      AB184 Gender Identity or Expression in the Work Place (Aizley, Segerblom, Ohrenschall. ..Parks)

      Employers may not descriminate against employees with respect to “gender identity or expression”.

      Action Needed:  Make your opinion known

      NHN opposes this bill.



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