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  • Renee Kreamer
    Dear Nevada Homeschool Families, November 2008 As an emotional election ends we find some people excited at the outcome and others filled with anxiety. Perhaps
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2008

      Dear Nevada Homeschool Families, November 2008
      As an emotional election ends we find some people excited at the outcome and others filled with anxiety. Perhaps there is no better time than this to find our collective common ground….. our desire and commitment to uphold parental choice in education, most specifically our option to homeschool. We hold a common value, have made a challenging decision, and together, through the voice of Nevada Homeschool Network, have garnered one of the most favorable homeschool laws in the country.
      Nevada Homeschool Network needs your continued support. Even as we enjoy tremendous homeschool freedoms today, NHN is diligently monitoring Bill Draft Requests being put forth for the 2009 Legislative Session. Although there is no anticipation of adverse changes to homeschooling, it warrants attention when PSAH (Public School at Home), charter schools, or other alternative forms of education may be addressed in the upcoming session, potentially pulling homeschooling into the mix.
      In addition to all the work at the legislature, representatives of NHN remain ever available to help with state or local issues that require expertise in our individual rights to homeschool. Most recently NHN has been instrumental in assisting families in both Clark and Washoe county having trouble getting high school credits accepted at public schools. This service and assistance, in conjunction with NHN’s knowledge of the law, is invaluable to all parents seeking to educate their children at home.
      And finally, Nevada Homeschool Network is recognized by HSLDA as the statewide advocacy group for homeschooling freedoms. Become a NHN member and you can receive a discount membership to HSLDA!
      I strongly urge you to support NHN by becoming a member today. Visit www.nevadahomeschoolnetwork.com and join today. You’ll receive:
        • Access to NV-Alert emails, postings on legislative issues and information on homeschool rights
        • Assistance if/when needed in exercising your right to homeschool in Nevada
        • $20 group discount on your HSLDA membership
        • Peace of mind knowing that you're contributing to an ongoing effort to maintain your homeschooling freedoms within the state
      As an added incentive, all members on record as of December 1st, 2008, will be placed in a drawing to receive a ONE YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP WITH HSLDA AND NHN! If you can't afford the $25 NHN membership fee, send a letter or postcard postmarked by December 1st, 2008, to be entered to NHN, PO Box 1212, Carson City, NV 89702.
      And please consider a donation by logging on to www.nevadahomeschoolnetwork.com then clicking on the Donate tab.
      Your support is greatly appreciated and may we all continue to enjoy our hard fought freedoms to choose the best education for our children.
      Kelley Radow
      Member at Large, Nevada Homeschool Network

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