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About Homeschool Conference Exhibitors and Ways You Can Serve. Please keep this email going. Thank You

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    Dear Homeschooling Families in Nevada, We are grateful to the families who have sent in their feedback on what they are using for their curriculum and who
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2008


      Dear Homeschooling Families inNevada ,


          We are grateful to the families who have sent in their feedback on what they are using for their curriculum and who they'd like to see in the vendor hall at the conference.

      It has been very, very helpful to our efforts in securing curriculum exhibitors for the conference.

      ***Please keep them coming. Let us know what educational company you are using and who you'd like to see at the conference. We will send out an  application right away and do our very best to get them here.


          We are learning that the Eclectic method is most used. Mixing and matching, and picking from various different educational companies to customize their children's education has been most useful and effective.


      How conference dates are chosen:

          Conference dates are based on two factors: Facility availability and the national conference calendar. Fortunately, our conference date currently is competing on a day with the least amount of national homeschooling conferences, yet, of those, two are really, really big on the east coast.


      We'd like to share some more important facts learned as we have been in the process of securing exhibitors.

      * The most frequent questions asked by the exhibitors is "How many attendees will we have? This will help to determine our decision to come?"


      Nevada 's homeschooling population is quite small compared to many other states surrounding us.

      Our reply is designed to get them to look at the benefits rather than just numbers. We answer with lots of fun facts, the total of Nevada ’s homeschooling population, our new approach in advertisement, how this conference will benefit all families no matter the educational methods used, and play up the benefits in having a day geared just for Vendor sales in the facility, which is the largest convention center in northern Nevada .


      It's very time consuming to persuade vendors to attend a small conference. Many will not attend if there are less than 1000 attendees.

      It's understandable, they come to make money and it costs them lots to attend.


          Things have really changed in the arena of exhibitors in the last two years. Exhibitors are scheduling 9 months out instead of  five and some will only attend if their representative speaks as a keynote.

      A lot of effort on our part is going into this conference. There have been over 300 curriculum exhibitors invited, we have room for 39. We have received about 50 invitations back from companies that no longer exist from our exhibitors list.


      We also have been following up with phone calls to help answer any questions they may have. Again what we are seeing is that exhibitors will attend based on our number of attendees. Which leads us to the reason for our letter.


      We are asking homeschooling families in Nevada to band together and help in the exhibitor effort by sending emails to curriculum exhibitors, to the ones you are using and ones you know of.

      * Include in your email how their curriculum has been a blessing to you and invite them to attend. Share that you'd like to see them here and include the exhibitors application.


      This we believe may help in the effort of securing our vendors and letting them know, yes, Nevada has a small population, but we are a very active and supportive homeschooling community.


      In the attachment is the exhibitor's application. It is in a Word doc. All you need to do is attach it to your email.

      Please let us know if you were not able to open it, we'll be happy to send it another way. 


      Thank you for your attention, for the help and for your show of support!

      Look forward to your responses!

      For more information please email us offline nvhec@nvbell. net



      The Nevada Home Educators Conference Committee


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