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Cowboy Peotry Gathering Reminder and Update

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  • Carolyn Steninger
    Hi Folks, Just a reminder that the CPG is coming up soon and Jan Peterson needs to know how many of us are planning to attend the Homeschool and Youth
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2008
      Hi Folks,
        Just a reminder that the CPG is coming up soon and Jan Peterson needs to know how many of us are planning to attend the Homeschool and Youth activities.

      You can pay the $2 at the door, but please let her know if you're coming so she can 'set up a chair for you'! Her number is  775-778-5478.

      Jan also wants to remind us that "Home schoolers are welcome to participate in our art show". See below for more info on the Student Art Show.

      I am re-posting the Gathering information for those of you who might have missed it. Please note the change of venue for the Rural and Home School Program. The Junior High is under construction so this program has been moved to Elko Grammar School #2,1055 Seventh St.  Jan suggested we look for parking by the cemetery, or the State buildings on Elm St., if you can't find a place near the school. She also said there will be shuttle service to Grammar #2 from the Convention Center.

      My plan is to attend the Rural and Home School Program
      at Grammar #2 at 10:00, and the Cow Kids Stampede at the Convention Center at 1:00. In the past, we homeschoolers have met for a sack lunch between shows. As the Stampede has been moved to the Convention Center, why don't we meet in the north end of that building, by the doors closest to the old Junior High School. If the bar/concession area with tables is available, we can eat there. Otherwise we can probably just sit on the long bench lining the north wall. 

      I hope to see lots of you there!

      Dear Educators:

      The 2008 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering's youth education programs are ready for reservations! This year we once again have an exciting selection of artists and events for you and your students to enjoy. Space is limited so please schedule your students as early as possible.

      In addition to our usual educational opportunities that highlight the traditional arts of the West, this year we are featuring the ranch-based traditions of Mexico throughout our programs. We will have a special exhibit and special programs that showcase Mexican vaquero traditions, music, and song in the US (especially the Pacific Northwest) and the ranch-based culture and music of Sonora, Mexico. We hope these programs will have special resonance with your students – please feel free to call Christina Barr at the Western Folklife Center at 775-738-7508 x236 or Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478 for more information.

      Programs being offered for the 2008 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering include:

      Student Art Show
      The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering student art show features artwork from Elko County students, and will open Tuesday, January 22, 2008. Students' work might explore themes associated with The New West: Grabbing the Future by the Horns. A reception will be held March 13 2007, from 4:30 – 6:00 PM, for the artists, their parents, friends and the public. All grades are welcome to enter artwork; there is no cost for participation. Due to space limitations, a maximum of 25 pieces from each school will be accepted for exhibition. Please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478 for more information about the Student Art Show.

      Western Folklife Center Youth Festival
      The Youth Festival will once again be held at the Western Folklife Center on Tuesday, January 22, Wednesday, January 23, and Thursday, January 24. This year's program will provide students with a range of activities that will educate them about Mexican folklife, tours of western Folklife Center exhibits (including Buckaroo! The Hispanic Heritage of the High Desert and Vaquero!), leather stamping with Karla Jones, and free cowboy scarf paired with a glass of sarsaparilla. The event is appropriate for grades three through five. Please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478 to schedule your students' visit to the Western Folklife Center. This program costs $2 per student.

      Cow Kids Stampede
      The Cow Kids Stampede will be held at the Elko Convention Center Auditorium on Wednesday, January 30, with three approximately 45-minute performances held at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 1:00 PM. The program will feature the young fiddling sensations The Quebe Sisters, who will entertain everyone with their fast-paced fiddle music and close harmony songs. The show is appropriate for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. To register your classes for this program please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478. This program costs $2 per student.

      PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE FOR THIS PROGRAM. This program has sold out for the past couple of years and holding the Cow Kid's Stampede concerts at the Convention Center will allow more young people to attend. If you have any questions about logistics or the change of venue, please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478.

      Rural and Home School Program
      The Rural and Home School Program will be held on Wednesday, January 30, at the Elko Grammar School #2,(1055 Seventh St.) stage at 10:00 AM. Rural and home-schooled students are invited to participate in a variety of activities that include performances by our special Mexican guests and young accordionist Ginny Mac. After the concert, students will have the opportunity to meet the artists. The show is appropriate for grades 1 through 8. To register your classes for this program please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478. This program costs $2 per student, which can be paid at the door.

      On-Site Assemblies
      This year we are offering two separate assembly options to entertain and educate your students about traditional music at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. On-site assemblies are available for Monday, January 28, and Tuesday, January 29.

      We have two performance options available each day:

      Performance option #1: Mexican special guests and storyteller Kent Rollins

      Performance option #2: Mexican special guests and accordionist Ginny Mac

      These programs are excellent for all grade levels. Performance times are flexible and established at booking on a first come, first served basis, depending on school locations. Costs are $300 for one assembly and $450 for two performances by the same performers at the same school. To register your school for an assembly, please contact Jan Petersen at 775-778-5478.

      Young Buckaroo Poetry Session
      The Young Buckaroo Poetry Session is an open-mic opportunity for young people under age 18 to share their creativity with our Gathering audience, and will be held from 9:00 – 11:00 AM, Saturday, February 2, at the Elko Junior High School Auxiliary Gym stage. Students are encouraged to perform original poetry, classic recitations, and western music. This event is free to all participants and attendees. Session registration begins at 8:30 AM on the day of performances; spaces fill quickly, so sign up early.

      National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Youth Workshops
      Our youth workshop series provides an opportunity for young people to work closely with a master artist to learn some of the basics of a traditional art or skill. This year we have three workshops available:

      Rock & Rowell, Roughstock Rap
      with Paul Zarzyski
      Monday, January 28 and Tuesday, January 29
      9:00 am - 2:30 pm (in collaboration with Elko County English teachers)
      $15 per student; high school students only
      "Let's begin by agreeing that poetry and song/rap lyrics are connected at—and are for—the hip. Those of us who are turned-on and tuned-in will hear these kindred rhythms and rumblings, will dub them cool or groovy, bitchin' or boss or frickin' wicked, will deem them vital to The Musical Universe, and will celebrate their pulsings. Because once we establish this open-range-of-the-heart-and-mind belief, then we can gallop or gambol, unhobbled, wherever the music of the words lures us; we can stake claim to what I call The Muses' virtuous 4-Fs credo to pure creativity: Fearlessness, Freedom, Fierceness, and Fun. And THAT, my fellow travelers, is what this Rodeo Poet calls—SWEEEEEEEET! In other words, it ain't about school, classes, homework, grades, but rather about tapping into what it takes to be musically, uniquely human. I look forward to further exploring this journey with you come January—to boldly going where no wordsmith has gone before." Paul Zarzyski—Human Being Poet, Planet Earth

      Create a Corrido
      with Juan Dies
      Saturday, February 2
      9:00 am – 12:30 pm
      $21 per student
      Corridos are Mexican ballads that tell the stories of heroes, horses, love and moments gone wrong. Anyone can write a corrido, and using corrido broadside artwork, cartoon storyboards, and music musician Juan Dies will teach students the fundamentals of writing corrido lyrics. Students will learn about the historical and cultural significance of corridos, their traditional themes and form, and how to write corridos about their own experiences. The workshop will focus primarily on corrido writing, but students will also work with Juan to put their corridos to music. Best for ages 10 to 14. No previous musical experience necessary.

      Also – depending on the language abilities of the students who enroll for this workshop – the corrido composition workshop can be taught bilingually in both Spanish and English. Spread the word!

      Ranch Roping Workshop with Fred Garrett
      Saturday, February 2
      2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
      $21 per student
      Join Starr Valley, Nevada, rancher Fred Garrett and learn the basics of throwing, setting, and placing loops, and how to cast a variety of throws for horse and cattle, mixed in with a few fancy moves. Beginners, as well as more advanced ropers, are welcome. Best for ages 10 to 18

      To register for these workshops please contact the Western Folklife Center ticketing office at 775-738-7508. The registration fee for each workshop includes workshop supplies.

      To schedule your students to attend the Western Folklife Center's 2008 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering education programs, please contact Jan Petersen at (home) 775-738-5668 or (cell) 775-778-5478 or by e-mail at education@....

      Also, please note that it costs the Western Folklife Center between $8 - $12 a child to produce and host these programs. We are able to underwrite these programs and keep costs affordable to students and schools by seeking grants and donations from a variety of federal, state, business, foundation, and individual sources. We are grateful for your continued participation and for your willingness to work with the District, parent/teacher groups, parents, and others to help finance your students' participation. Thank you!

      We hope your students will be able to participate and look forward to another season of good poetry and music and enlightening educational opportunities. We'll see you there!


      Christina Barr & Jan Petersen
      Western Folklife Center

      We'd like to thank the following organizations and people for generously providing funds that keep these programs affordable for young people and help make them possible: Barrick Gold Strike Mines, Inc., Bretzlaff Foundation, Newmont Mining, Reno Rodeo Charitable Foundation, Nevada Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Wrangler, many others business and organizations,  and the many generous individual donors who have contributed funds to the Western Folklife Center's Stakeholder Program for Youth Education.

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