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Fw: [NV-Alert] SB404 Update May 9 2007

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  • carl.lucas
    ... From: FandR Date: 5/9/2007 7:27:17 AM To: NV-Alert Group Subject: [NV-Alert] SB404 Update May 9 2007 Dear Nevada Homeschoolers, May 9, 2007
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      From: FandR
      Date: 5/9/2007 7:27:17 AM
      Subject: [NV-Alert] SB404 Update May 9 2007

      Dear Nevada Homeschoolers,                May 9, 2007

        Since our last update on SB404 was on April 25th, we felt another is due.

        While SB404 was in the Senate Human Resources and Education Committee we met with Dr. Keith Rheault, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and agreed to amend the bill so that homeschoolers would send their Notice of Intent to Homeschool to the local district (as we currently do) instead of to his office.  He said he would then remove the fiscal note that he had attached to the bill.  A fiscal note indicates that the bill is going to "cost" the government money, either at the State or at the local level, so the bill must get passed by more committees.  Often it is a "diplomatic" way to kill a bill, contending that it will cost money and making the bill jump through several extra imaginary hoops.  For SB404 we felt that amending it was more expedient than taking the time to prove that it would save the State money.

        Thinking the bill was now free, we sent the April 25th email asking folks to contact their Senators to pass the bill on the Senate floor.

        But... instead of going to the floor, for reasons that no one can quite adequately explain (to us anyway), the bill still showed the fiscal note, and it got scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee.  We attended, and Dr. Rheault testified that he had removed the fiscal note, and we testified that we'd like to move the bill along as soon as possible.  By this time deadlines for passage over to the other house had passed, but a deadline "exemption" had been passed for our bill.  Disappointingly the Finance Committee didn't vote and pass our bill out of their committee immediately.

        Meanwhile Clark County proposed a couple of further amendments to the bill, now that the Notices of Intents would be going to the local district offices instead of the State Superintendent.  A meeting was set up with Senator Washington, and we negotiated yet another amendment.  The first amendment would define the only times that a homeschool parent would have to show a child's birth certificate; that being when the child is to participate in services, events or activities (ie sports), or classes in the public school system.  The second was to clarify in law how credits would be awarded to a child who was homeschooled but is now entering into a middle school grade; currently this is defined in the regulations but Clark County felt it needed to be in the law.

        The day we met with Clark County, last Thursday May 3rd, the Senate Finance Committee took a vote and sent our bill forward.

        So now we've received confirmation that the bill has been sent back to the LCB (Legislative Counsel Bureau) to get our amendment language drafted into legal lingo in the bill itself.  It will then go to the full Senate floor, where the amendments and the bill itself will get voted upon.  Of course we don't know when this will happen since we don't know how long the LCB will take to do their work.  The good news is that the bill itself has received very little opposition during testimony.  So our hope is that when it gets (as we hope!) over to the Assembly most of the wrinkles will have been ironed out.  We have talked and met with legislators in the Assembly in preparation for that glorious day.  WHEN (IF) THAT HAPPENS we will let you know if and when a hearing gets set up in the Assembly Education Committee.

        We are still very excited and optimistic about this bill!  In 1947 when our current homeschool law was passed, Jackie Robinson, the first black player in modern major league baseball, was playing his first year for the Dodgers.  Times have changed in both baseball and education, and we're excited to get this bill to our Nevada Legislature! !

      -Frank Schnorbus
      NHN - Chair

      On behalf of:
      The Committee to Modernize Nevada Homeschool Law
      Frank Schnorbus
      Barbara Dragon
      Elissa Wahl
      Irene Rushing
      Kime King-Patraw
      Carl Lucas
      Tina Goodman
      Kelley Millard Radow
      Lynn Chapman
      Marita Sanders

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