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Re: [ECHO-NV] Re: Thinking about home schooling

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  • Johnny B.
    Thank you for the information. It is greatly appreciated. ... From: missusfly Date: 2/6/2007 10:17:51 AM To: ECHO-NV@yahoogroups.com Subject: [ECHO-NV] Re:
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 6, 2007
      Thank you for the information. It is greatly appreciated. 
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      From: missusfly
      Date: 2/6/2007 10:17:51 AM
      Subject: [ECHO-NV] Re: Thinking about home schooling

      Hi Johnny,
      Testing is optional. If you would like to have her tested the school district offers the test
      they give the public school kids. I have never had my kids tested. Now if you plan to put
      her back in public school and you do not use an accredited curriculum they can test her
      to see which grade she belongs in. And I think when she graduates from high school she
      will be required to take a proficiency test. But this may all change in time, for the rules
      always change when we are dealing with the school district. I have not graduated a child
      yet (4 years to go), so if there is anyone out there that knows differently please fill free to
      jump in to this conversation. I'd hate to be leading someone down the wrong path.
      I hope this helps.

      --- In ECHO-NV@yahoogroups .com, "Johnny B." <keen_hurrisense@ ...> wrote:
      > Well, I suppose my main concern is, does the Elko school system require your
      > child to learn A, B, C and D, and what are the circumstances as far as will
      > my daughter need to take tests at one of the schools at some time during the
      > year? When I did correspondence after high school, I had to take a final
      > exam at the high school. Will she have to do that as well?
      > Thanks so much,
      > Johnny
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      > From: missusfly
      > Date: 02/05/07 09:27:51
      > To: ECHO-NV@yahoogroups .com
      > Subject: [ECHO-NV] Re: Thinking about home schooling
      > First of all welcome aboard!!!
      > Before you pull her out or don't put her back in next year you need to fill
      > out an"intent to
      > homeschool" form. You can get these from the school districts head office on
      > Burns street.
      > Fill it out and turn it in. Then if you aren't going to start homeschooling
      > her untill the fall take
      > your time and find a curriculum that best fits your life style and teaching
      > style and your
      > daughters learning style. There are a great number to choose from. I use a
      > curriculum called
      > K-12 because it works for us. Some make up their own. Thats about all there
      > is to it as far as
      > getting started. If you have other questions and concerns please call.
      > 775-738-3404.
      > sara paine
      > --- In ECHO-NV@yahoogroups .com, "keen_hurrisense" <keen_hurrisense@ >
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > My wife and I are thinking about home schooling our daughter, but
      > > don't have a clue where to start. She is in 1st grade now, so we'll
      > > let her finish this year. We would like to start her next year, but
      > > don't know how to go about starting it. Can anyone please clue us in
      > > on what to do and who to talk to? Thanks so much.
      > >

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